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Sex, Horror, and TV. Or: I’ve Been Real Busy.

25 Apr

Generally, I only post if I have, you know, a post. But I’ve had so much going on in other venues lately, that I think an update is in order.

First is my essay on The Cabin in the Woods is up on horror icon Peaches Christ’s website. Peaches Christ, in case you don’t know, is an internationally famous drag queen, horor event host, and artist. She’s currently working on a giant horror-related event with Elvira. Whoa!

Second: I’m now Logo TV’s Sex Expert, via their NewNowNext site. You send questions about sex, I answer them in a video with my standard good-natured/goofy/slutty manner. So far, I’ve answered questions about a lack of hard-ons and the right attitude for being in pornography.

Third: my first essay as a contributing writer to, Rest Area Confidential” “came out about a month ago, and it’s on having sex at rest areas. It caused a bit of a shit storm, including a defense on Out Magazine’s site and an appearance on the Mike Bullard Show. This kind of stuff always makes a writer happy.

More? Well, yes, more. I’ve got an essay coming out in a book from Evolver Editions. It’s an essay on pornography, love, touch, and rebellion.
My essay on Occupy Wall Street is being anthologized in a free education PDF on Occupy.
Finally, my essay on Lynn Margulis will be in a collection from Chelsea Green this Fall.
More on all those as they get closer to publication.

Oh, and of course, there’s the pornography!
Thanks for coming here and check back for a proper blog entry soon!
– CH