Conner’s new online course, STRANGE NEW SCIENCE – about why we need to reinvent science with the occult & philosophy!

9 Nov

Hey folks, so excited share info on my new online course + Q&A about what science gains from taking the occult and radical philosophy seriously! It’s online and one day only – 12/3. If you can’t attend the day of, no problem! Your ticket gets you 90 day access to a recording of the whole thing! SIGN UP HERE. PLUS: If you register before 11/15 you get a big discount!

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 11.42.07 AM

Charts, graphs, metals, stones, intentions, concepts, weird energies: put them together, and you get the world we live in.

It sounds like a magical formula, but it’s just a description of our scientific, technological era.

So why have the occult and, in recent years, even philosophy been seen as so at odds with scientific inquiry and progress? What if, instead of trying to keep science “pure” of these influences, bringing MORE philosophy and occultism to science would help science, and our world, progress?

Join author, activist, and podcaster Conner Habib in this one-session-only, live, online workshop + Q&A on how to we can rework our views of science — and our world — by using the occult and radical philosophy.

Together we’ll investigate

  • Occult views on evolution, why they matter, and what a new biology would look like.
  • How thinkers like Rudolf Steiner, Lynn Margulis, Bruno Latour, Paul Feyeraband, Donna Harraway, and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe practiced a more dynamic and reality-based science, and what their principles were.
  • Whether or not there’s an objective truth. (And if there’s not, how do we practice science?)
  • Why a strange new science is needed to address the challenges of environmentalism and global climate change.
  • What the implications for medicine if we take philosophy and magic seriously?
  • How our current view of science is reaching its limits and often causes damage to our world and our psyches.

And more!

The course will be a fun, accessible, irreverent lecture, followed by a Q&A where we can all engage. And If you can’t attend the day of, or if you want to watch the lecture again, you’ll have exclusive ticket holder access to a recording of the course for 90 days.


There are three different tickets types.

Standard: You’ll get access to the course, the Q&A, and the recording of the course for 90 days. 15.00

Plus: You’ll get everything above and you’ll also get: a reading list curated by Conner + a 30 minute Skype conversation with Conner. 65.00

Gold: You’ll get everything from the Stadard & Plus-level tickets – and you’ll also get: an exclusive Strange New Science worksheet from Conner, with tips on how to carry the contents of this class even further in your life + 15 extra minutes on the Skype call AND a handwritten strange-science-y postcard mailed to you by Conner. Wow! 100.00

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