EVENT: MEDICINE SONGS IN SYNTHETIC FUTURES featuring Conner Habib, Gordon White & Reverend Danny Nemu, THIS SUNDAY, MAY 24

19 May


No podcast this week, but there is a special and awesome event coming up for my patreon patrons ONLY. I’ll be in conversation with Gordon White and Reverend Danny Nemu about our global crisis, the possibility of a worse crisis ahead, and how to avert it. Or, as Gordon puts it, “an unpacking of this present moment and modes of critical analysis that lead to more organic, analogue, flourishing futures.”

The event is going to be a live webinar and Q&A for my patrons and Rune Soup premium members only. That means you can see the whole thing live and ask us questions and be a part of what promises to be a profound and transformative event.

To sign in, all you have to do is be a patron and register and show up. It’s free, but not open to the general public. SO:
1. To become a patron, go to my patreon and sign up at any level. If you’re already a patron…
2. You’ll see the page as soon as you sign up in the POSTS section of my patreon.

That’s it!
See you soon, friends!

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