8 Weeks To Becoming A (Better) Writer

8 Weeks To Becoming A (Better) Writer

treeSo you’ve got this dream of being a writer. You’re sitting down with confidence in front of your computer, translating your imagination and perspective into a narrative; casting words onto the screen and watching them turn into people, places, and ideas. You’re at it with a sense of discipline and purpose until the project is done. Before you know it, your work is in the hands of others; not just your friends and family, but new people! The public, other writers, and your ideal audience. And they’re enjoying it, it’s moving them, making them think, and enriching their inner lives. Before the ink is dry, you’re on to the next project!

Sounds great, you’re thinking, but how Conner?

How to find the time? To break through the barriers? To master the tools, the words, the tone? How to find an audience? How to improve in style and voice?

The answer to all of these questions: my interactive coaching package, 8 Weeks To Becoming A (Better) Writer!

The 8 weeks are aimed at taking you from the life you have now into a life where writing is at the center, and the feeling of being a writer emerges fully. Whether you’ve been writing for years and want to improve on all fronts, or you’re new to the practice of writing, you’ll come through this experience with a completely different relationship to your creative projects and yourself as a writer.

How does it work?

After you sign up, and we pick a start date, you’ll get an individual live coaching session, followed each week by video lessons and worksheets, editing sessions, exercises, and two more meetings. You’ll be kept accountable for your writing via email exchange with me.    To sign up, email connerwrites[at]gmail.com

Let me break that down for you. 

With this package, you’ll get

A 90 minute live Writer’s Assessment  where I

  • thoroughly review a sample of your work
  • have a 90 minute meeting with you on Skype (or in-person if you’re in LA) where I talk with you about your process, practice, strengths and weaknesses
  • send you a detailed follow-up email with key points from our meeting
  • send you indications – including tips, readings, exercises, and other actions you can take – on how to push forward and develop as a writer

Two additional meetings

  • A 40 minute check-in meeting
  • A 90 minute meeting end-of-course meeting to help you through any unresolved questions

8 Weeks of Lessons featuring video instruction, readings, and detailed guidance worksheets covering

  • how other writers manage to sound so amazing – by examining their style, words choices, tone, and more
  • how to write a great scene
  • the secret to writing amazing dialogue
  • how to generate material for your writing projects
  • how to stay on track, focused, and disciplined with your writing practice
  • everything you need to know about publishing
  • understanding what, exactly, you’d like to write about, anyway
  • how to build characters
  • how to map out a longer project
  • how to break through barriers that paralyze writers and how to untangle the knot of writer’s block
  • how to center writing in your life and make it a priority, not just a fantasy
  • and much more!

3 Critical Editing responses including

  • detailed line edits on your work that will help you see your strengths and weaknesses on the page
  • structural, character, and thematic responses

My 10 Tips for Writers List

Accountability coaching

  • I keep an eye on your writing practice and schedule, via email, so you don’t miss a beat!

I’ve been helping writers finish projects, get published, develop their voices, and form better habits for over ten years, and I bring all of my experience to 8 Weeks To Becoming A (Better) Writer. You’ve been dreaming about it for a long time. Email me at connerwrites at gmail.com, and we’ll nail down a start date for you.Let’s make it happen together!

Fee: $2000.00 or two payments of $1100.00

DIY 8 Weeks – Everything above except the three meetings, radical editing, and accountability emails: $1400.00

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