One-on-one Writing Coaching

 Writing Coaching

booksAre you ready to transform your writing and your life?

As your personal writing coach, I offer intensive, one-on-one guidance in all your writing projects and your creative mindset. I’ve been helping writers achieve their goals, get published, create better writing practices, and generate positive outlooks on their creativity for over a decade.

Do you have a book you want to write? Want to leave your humdrum job and become a writer? Do you have blocks you need help breaking through? Do you just want finally get it done

I’m here for you, every step of the way.

One-on-one Writing Coaching is the most in-depth and intensive service I offer. You and I meet regularly, guiding you through your writing life, practice, and goals. To sign up, email connerwrites[at]

Here’s how it works:

It starts with the Writer’s Assessment where I:

  • thoroughly review a sample of your work
  • have a 90 minute consultation with you on Skype (or in-person if you’re in LA) where I talk with you about your process, practice, strengths and weaknesses
  • send you a detailed follow-up email with key points from our meeting
  • send you indications – including tips, readings, exercises, and other actions you can take – on how to push forward and develop as a writer

After that, you get a block of writing coaching. Every client’s needs are different, so our work is tailored to you! But for each block of writing coaching every client is guaranteed:

3 more 50 minute in-person or Skype meetings

3 Critical Editing sessions including

  • in-depth line edits
  • grammar and spelling checks, as well as any other formal corrections
  • all the needed feedback on your style and voice
  • emailed feedback with comments on strengths and weaknesses of your work, including suggestions that considers themes, characters, structure, and more

Email communications with suggested exercises, readings, and actions that will help you progress as a writer and meet your goals

Accountability emails

  • I keep an eye on your writing practice, via email, so you don’t miss a beat!

You’re deeply dedicated to really taking your entire practice and writing career to the next level and beyond. So email me at connerwrites at and let’s go!

Fee: $1700.00 for the entire package, renewable after 4 meetings, $1350.00 for all subsequent packages (after the first package, all meetings are 50 minutes)


For an additional fee, you can get

  • On-the-phone responses to any urgent writing questions you have within 48 hours – fee: $50/package
  • Accountability meetings, where we meet in-person and I sit with you while you write for 2 hour blocks – fee: $100/meeting
  • Additional in-person or Skype meetings and Critical Editing sessions – fee: $125/meeting

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