Script Consultant & Writing Coach

TieJacketI have nearly 15 years of experience as a writing coach, script doctor, editor, and consultant; helping writers improve and complete their projects, sell their writing, and create better work patterns.

I offer writing coaching and consulting services to select clients.

My own writing has appeared in dozens of publications, both in print and online, and I’ve won awards for fiction and nonfiction writing as well as for teaching.

My clients include established screenwriters, published essayists and novelists, produced playwrights, and highly motivated beginners.

What all that means: I’m an expert in storytelling, voice, structure, and character across genres and mediums.

I’m friendly, direct, and consider both fine details and the big picture. I’ll reveal to you the strengths of your writing while engaging with you to creatively transcend the weaknesses in your work.

Every writer and every project is individual and deserves a different approach, but with the same level of care and commitment. When you work with me, you’ll receive focused attention with feedback and input that’s unique to you and your writing.

To hire me and take your work to the next level, email me at


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