Writer’s Assessment

Writer’s Assessment


Two questions that plague most writers, even the big name award-winning ones:

Am I a good writer?


Is what I’ve written any good?

These are usually followed up by additional frustrating thoughts like, “My friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/Mom said they liked it, but are they just being nice?” and “It’s so hard to look at my own stuff and know. Why can’t I tell if my own work is any good?”

Good news! The solution to these common but daunting questions is simple: Hiring me. What you need is an impersonal but friendly professional to evaluate your work, and who can point out your strengths and weaknesses without sugar-coating it or making you feel like you’ve just been pushed down a long stairwell of criticism. 

When you hire me for a Writer’s Assessment session, you’ll come out the other side understanding what you’re good at, what writing muscles you need to strengthen, and where you’ve been getting in your own way.

You’ll be able to stand back and see your writing with new eyes, feeling what it’s like to be not just the writer of your own work, but a reader of it as well. To sign up, email connerwrites[at]gmail.com

When you buy a Writer’s Assessment, I

  • thoroughly review a sample of your work
  • have a 90 minute meeting with you on Skype (or in-person if you’re in LA) where I talk with you about your process, practice, strengths and weaknesses
  • send you a detailed follow-up email with key points from our meeting
  • send you indications – including tips, readings, exercises, and other actions you can take – on how to push forward and develop as a writer

Ready to break down your barriers, take a huge step in your writing practice, and meet your goals? Email me at connerwrites@gmail.com to set up your Writer’s Assessment today!

Price – $300

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