Writing Coaching & Consulting

I have nearly 15 years of experience helping writers improve and complete their

TieJacketprojects, sell their writing, and create better work patterns.

I offer:

  • Direct help with writing projects, including screenplay notes, line editing, comments, and more
  • Intensive writing coaching
  • A Writer’s Assessment for beginning writers and writers with new projects

My own writing has appeared in dozens of publications, both in print and online, and I’ve won awards for fiction and nonfiction writing as well as for teaching.

My clients include established screenwriters, published essayists and novelists, produced playwrights, and beginners.

What all that means: I’m an expert in storytelling, voice, structure, and character across genres and mediums.

I’m friendly, direct, and consider both fine details and the big picture. I’ll reveal to you the strengths of your writing while engaging with you to creatively transcend the weaknesses in your work.

Every writer and every project is individual and deserves a different approach, but with the same level of care and commitment. When you work with me, you’ll receive focused attention with feedback and input that’s unique to you and your writing.

Pricing is on a a writer-by writer/project-by-project scale, except for my introductory service, the Writer’s Assessment.

To hire me and take your work to the next level, email me at connerwrites@gmail.com.



When I first contacted Conner, I was looking for a kind of writers’ personal trainer–someone who would keep me focused, disciplined and productive. He’s provided all that, and so much more. His notes are sharp and insightful, his suggestions practical and on-point, his approach supportive, encouraging, good-humored and always respectful. He’s not afraid to be bold and say what a writer really needs to hear. I recommend him highly, and look forward to working with him on my future projects.” – David Demchuk, award-winning playwright and novelist.

“Working with Conner has taken writing from a hobby to a more central part of my life. I’ve gotten my work published and discovered strengths I didn’t know I had. I’ve progressed both in terms of outward success and also understanding what success means in my own terms.” Jeremy Mallory, author

“Conner not only provided incredibly thorough feedback on my writing, but also brought it into a new focus.  A year after our work together, I still always hear his voice in my head when I sit down to write.   Working with Conner means centering writing in your life.  He will very sweetly and gently call bullshit on all the excuses you’ve been using to avoid actually writing ; while giving you lessons, practices, and tools to turn your ideas into stories.” – Cyd St. Vincent, essayist, activist.

“With compassion and humor, Conner holds me to a high standard, and has helped me discover a passion for writing and reading. He tailors exercises and reading assignments to fit my individual needs and strengths. Finding my own writing voice has led me to a deeper understanding of my life’s journey and has profoundly influenced my experience as an artist.” —William Lunt, writer and visual artist.

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