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Writing Life: 6 Weeks from Page to Publication for Your Personal Essay or Article

deconstructed-typewriterEnvision your essay or article completed and out there, making people think and feel deeply. Imagine getting positive feedback and initiating new cultural conversations.

It’s a good feeling, right? The world isn’t complete without you or your story, so let’s bring it to life!

There are more opportunities than ever for writers to get their experiences and perspectives published and read, but taking the first step to writing and publishing an article or essay can be daunting.

How do you know you’re on the right track with your work? How do you hone in on the best angle for the story you want to tell and perspective you want to share? How do you take your personal challenges to writing — you know, the ones that you just never seem to get beyond? — and kick them to the curb? What’s the best way to approach an editor? How do you answer that dreaded question, “Is my work worth reading?”

My nonfiction work has appeared in print, online magazines, and best-of-the-year anthologies. I’ve helped writers get their work done, get it polished, and get it featured in nationally-recognized publications.

I bring all of that knowledge and experience to you in Writing Life. It’s is a 6 week, individually-tailored course that builds with each lesson. Writing Life leads you from the opening steps of writing a personal essay or article to finding the right outlet and submitting your work with confidence.

When you’ve completed the course, you’ll have everything you need to continue on your own, writing nonfiction articles and essays for publication.*

When you sign up for this course we’ll choose the starting date and meet for an initial Writer’s Assessment. After that, for 6 weeks, you’ll  get lessons, feedback, consultations, and guidance each week. To sign up, email connerwrites[at]gmail.com

Let me break that down! You’ll get:

A 90 minute live Writer’s Assessment where I

  • thoroughly review a sample of your work
  • have a 90 minute meeting with you on Skype (or in-person if you’re in LA) where I talk with you about your process, practice, strengths and weaknesses
  • send you a detailed follow-up email with key points from our meeting
  • send you indications – including tips, readings, exercises, and other actions you can take – on how to push forward and develop as a writer

Two additional meetings

  • A 30 minute midway check-in meeting
  • A 40 minute meeting at the end of the course to assess your overall progress

6 Weeks of Lessons

featuring video instruction each week and detailed guidance worksheets for your project covering

  • how to generate the right material for your essay
  • how to develop your voice as a nonfiction writer
  • how to write a pitch letter
  • who to pitch to, how to pitch, and why
  • how to develop a better writing habits and a regular writing practice
  • how to make sure the right points and angles are chosen and covered in your work

and much more!

2 Critical Editing sessions

  • detailed line edits on your work that will help you see your strengths and weaknesses on the page
  • structural, character, and thematic responses

My 10 Tips for Writers List

Accountability coaching

  • I keep an eye on you and your practice using email, so you don’t miss a beat!

Your life, your voice, and your experiences form a story that the world is waiting to Typewriter and cofeediscover. Email me at

connerwrites at gmail.com

and we’ll set a start date and begin! 

Fee: $1500.00 or two payments of $800.00

DIY Writing Life (all the above but without the calls, critical editing sessions, or accountability emails) – $1000.00

(*Note: This course is also appropriate for full-length memoir writers who are trying to nail down that outline and first chapter.)

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