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10-Point Program to Embarrass Assholes + Update

29 Jun

While I’m writing the next real blog entry, here’s an update on what I’m doing, along with a little list of principles I’ve been trying to live by.

First – I recently appeared on one of my very favorite podcasts,The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, hosted by comedian and deep thinker Duncan Trussell. It feel amazing to have joined the ranks of Joe Rogan, Tim Heidecker, Natasha Leggero and others as a guest. Duncan and I discuss Christianity, gloryholes, the nature of time, porn, and more. It’s funny and deep all at once.

I also completed a new movie – After the Heist – for Joe Gage(NSFW). I don’t usually mention movies I’ve made on this blog, but Joe is an amazing director and writer, and has directed many mainstream films in addition to his huge porn catalogue. I shot three scenes in the movie and have tons of dialogue. I also have a moustache in the movie that makes me look like a
real sleazeball. Hurray! In related news, the last movie I shot for Joe,
Dad Goes to College won me the 2012 Grabby Award for Best Supporting Actor. Which actually means something about acting skills, since the other awards are for specific sexual acts.

My essay on shooting porn with straight guys (Girth Brooks and Berke Banks, to be specific), “Gay for Pay” was selected for publication in the upcoming Best Gay Stories 2012 from Lethe Press. The second half of that essay (which I like as much or maybe even better than the first) is available on my blog.

My essay on the Occupy movement has been anthologized in a great ebook – which you can download for free – called Occupy Consciousness: Essays on the Global Insurrection.  Other contributors include Russel Brand (!!!), Daniel Pinchbeck, and Doug Rushkoff.

I’ve got my regular gig over on Logo TV’s website, NewNowNext, where I hand out sex and relationship advice as best I can – generally from a cultural or philosophical standpoint. If you have any questions for me, send me an email at connerhabibsocial at g mail dot com. In fact, feel free to contact me in general.

A new website is in the works, and lots of ideas are bouncing around. I’ll keep you updated.

Finally, I’ve recently become way too interested in tumblr, where I started my own little image-and-quote-and-GIF-depository. It’s called Conner Loves Everyone, although on the page it says “YouWillFuckConner,” so I’m still having trouble with whether or not I want to fall in love with you or just get laid. Either way, the tumblr is NSFW, so proceed with caution or abandon, whichever you prefer.

The list below originally appeared on my tumblr. Of course, there are a million other things that should be on it. But the point is to start today, and fill in the rest on your own. Thanks for the love and more essays up here soon.

If you want to make the world a better place,turn yourself into someone who assholes and politicians look ridiculous next to. When you’re awesome, they’re exposed as absurd, stupid, outdated, and manipulative. Here’s how:

1. Eat real food.

2. Read books.

3. Talk about big things instead of making small talk.

4. Don’t ingest poison in the form of alcohol or drugs.

5. Dedicate your time to things you care about instead of money.

6. Meditate.

7. Meet your neighbors and be kind to them.

8. When you fuck up the above, forgive yourself.

9. When others fuck it up, forgive them.

10. Whenever there’s a fuck up, pick yourself and others up and get back to it.