Come see me + special guests on the USA and Ireland/UK HAWK MOUNTAIN BOOK TOUR!

21 Jun

They’re here! My Hawk Mountain tour dates!

Well, most of them, anyway. There will be a few updates to this schedule, and the Ireland/UK dates are not yet all sorted (but they will be!)

Come hang out, get a book signed, listen to me read, and in some instances hear a great conversation!

All events are free unless otherwise noted. Please do come out!

Also, I should have some exclusive Hawk Mountain merch.

Are you coming to any of these? Let me know in the comments below and please do say hi to other patrons who are coming, too!



  • JULY 28 – Dublin, Ireland – The Fumbally Stables – The horror of the body – with Caitlin Doughty. Details TBA
  • AUGUST 5 – Dublin, Ireland – Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) – First Fridays – with Sara Maria Griffin – Details TBA
  • AUGUST – London –  details TBA
  • AUGUST – Edinburgh – details TBS

I talk with Memorial author Bryan Washington about process, identity, curation, and fiction on AEWCH 190!

17 Jun

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As I get ready for the release of Hawk Mountain, I find myself wanting to talk to writers more and more. For advice, for good company, and honestly just because I’m so excited.

So for this episode, I talk to the much-celebrated author of the novel Memorialand story collection Lot, Bryan Washington! Memorial is a sort of negative universe version of Hawk Mountain – it uses time in a similar way (but different!) and examines the unsaid in a similar way (but different!) and the outcomes for the characters are very, very different (but similar!). After reading it, I felt enlivened and heartbroken at once. So then I read his story collection, Lot. Then, right away, I invited him onto the show. 

Bryan and I talk about desire, identity in fiction, the way writers are asked about process all the time, the productiveness of marginalization, movies, and more. This is one of my very favorite episodes.

What a great conversation.


Bryan and I are both deeply influenced by film. One filmmaker I bring up on the show is Rainer Werner Fassbinder, the notorious and deeply driven melodramatic auteur. I love his work, and I love this book of interviews with him, The Anarchy of the Imagination.

There are some deep parallels on this episode with themes touched on on AEWCH 149 featuring Carmen Maria Machado, although Carmen and I go at it in an entirely different way!

I talked with Samuel Delaney about fiction, sexual identity, and philosophy years ago, before I had a podcast. Here’s the whole conversation! 

Bryan’s website has a ton of links to his essays, including one we discuss on the episode, about the Montrose neighborhood in Houston. Memorial is being made into a TV show, and here’s a podcast featuring Bryan talking about it with poet and novelist Ocean Vuong. And here’s a video (one of several) of Bryan cooking and talking about food. Finally, here’s his essay on going to gay bars.

Until next time, friends, I suggest reading Memorial in the park on a sunny day like I did!

In praise of obscurity: I talk with mystery and horror writer Sara Gran on AEWCH 189!

10 Jun

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EVENT NEWS: Sara and I will be in discussion live on July 18 at Book Soup in LA. Admission is free. Come hang out!


As I get ready for the release of Hawk Mountain, I find myself wanting to talk to writers more and more. For advice, for good company, and honestly just because I’m so excited.

So I asked one of my favorite thriller and mystery writers – Sara Gran – on the show to talk about publishing, mystery. being famous versus being artistically free, occultism, symbols, and more.

Sara was last on the show way back on AEWCH 61, and we talked a lot about detective fiction and crime. This time around, we talk about occultism, sex, and obscurity, circling around her latest novel, The Book of the Most Precious Substance and my forthcoming novel, Hawk Mountain. Sara’s book is about a mysterious grimoire and a rare books dealer, and if that’s not enough to pull you in, I’ll also say there’s sex magick, murder, and tech billionaires in it. There. Now you want to read it. It’s great.

Sara is always an enthralling conversation partner; I’m so excited to show this episode with you.


A great book on sex magick (and revolution) is Hugh Urban’s Magia Sexualis: Sex, Magic, and Liberation in Modern Western Esotericism. It’s pricey, but absolutely worth it. It’s enthralling.

Another episode with a dark fiction writer, also an old episode, also one of my very favorites: AEWCH 23 with postmodern horror master, Brian Evenson. We talk about obscurantism on a different level. 

You probably know plenty about occultist, teacher, and trickster, Robert Anton Wilson already, but if not, do look into him. One of my favorite RAW lines? “I used to be an atheist, then I realized I didn’t have anything to say during a blowjob.” His website is outdated and very geocities-esque – but so full of info and links – which is kind of perfect, to be honest. Also, you may or may not know that I took a class with him many years ago. So there’s that. Wink.

Here’s Sara’s wesbite and her publishing house website, Dreamland Books. Link to AEWCH 61 for lots more on Sara’s amazing work!

Until next time, friends! CH

A big box of…MY FIRST NOVEL! arrived today!

9 Jun

Holy shit friends it’s my BOOOOOOK! It comes out from Norton on July 5 (Doubleday/Penguin in Ireland/UK/Australia July 21), so preorder to have it delivered on pub date and be the coolest literary horror reader on your block.  Here’s how to order from Amazon and indie booksellers!

Politics, geomantic magic and the elemental kingdom – Legendary artist Marko Pogačnik joins me on AEWCH 188!

24 May

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Something that we do on this show a lot is express the way the spiritual, economic, and political interpenetrate. Usually when people or podcasters do that, they look at magical and occult parapolitics; and that invariably becomes funneled into messages of conspiracy.

But that rabbit hole is almost always just a variation of materialism because they privilege material conditions, material conspiracies. They focus on the manipulation of the world as it is by political agents instead of reflecting on the spiritual reality.

What if, instead, we moved past a focus on material conspiracies with spiritual dimensions and into the way true artists are working with the constitutive forces of being human, and the artistic presence of nature, and the invisible consciousnesses that sustain everything?

To talk about all of this I invited Marko Pogačnik onto the show*. He’s best known as being appointed as one of the few UNESCO Artists For Peace, and also for founding the OHO art Movement in former Yugoslavia – a group that included such iconic figures as Tomaž Šalamun and Slavoj Žižek.

Marko’s artistic work is a conscious communication with the elemental beings and the places they are intertwined with and co-create. He practices something called lithopuncture, which seeks to calirfy the presence of elemental beings and heal the spiritual being of the earth using cosmograms. He also offers spiritual exercises in the form of Gaia Touch exercises… and if you don’t know what any of that means, we talk about it extensively on the episode,

It’s also all present in his books. The best two to start with are Dancing with the Earth Changes: A Guide Through the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century and Universe of the Human Body: With Gaia Touch Body Exercises

But his publications also include Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings: Working with the Intelligence in Nature and Christ Power and Earth Wisdom: Searching for the Fifth Gospel and many others.

His books are filled with exercises you can, and should, engage with as you read.

Enjoy this wonderfully bizarre and love-filled episode.

(*While I’m taking a little break from the series on Irish magic, since it’s proved even more trickstery than my other series, this still touches on Ireland and fairies. They pop up and express their importance. That series will be ongoing, so expect more to pop up soon.)


A parallel to Marko’s work can be found in director and comic book writer Alejandro Jodorowsky’s healing work, which I mention on this episode. And the best introduction to that work is his book, Psychomagic: The Transformative Power of Shamanic Psychotherapy. It’s a fantastic, bizarre, and thrilling tour into Jodorowksy’s workings.

An episode about spiritual art and technology informing each other is AEWCH 113 with sculptor and radionics practitioner, Duncan Laurie (he wrote a great book on the subject or radionics, too!). This recording is from years ago that I turned into an AEWCH ep, and it didn’t get as much attention as it deserved, I don’t think. So it’s a bit of a hidden gem amongst the episodes.

What would a science that engages with the elemental kingdom look like? Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s method of science is brought forward at The Nature Institute in New York State, and though it often doesn’t recognize, explicitly, the elementals, it definitely goes all the way into spiritual perception. It’s a beautiful and vital initiative.

The best place to find more on Marko is, of course, his website, which has extensive links to his books, his public events, and his biography. Marko is a founder of the legendary OHO Movement, an art movement which also had Tomaž Šalamun and Slavoj Žižek as members. And here’s an interview with Marko about his work in Art Margins.

Until next time, friends!

Irish fairies in Irish culture, economics, and politics: It’s AEWCH 187 with anthropologist Dennis Gaffin!

17 May

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Since 2019, I’ve lived in Ireland. It’s a country being pulled away from Catholic traditionalism and towards humanistic tech neoliberalism. But the spiritual Celtic landscape has never gone away, either. Here, the supernatural, paranormal, mystical, and occult still hold their strange and potent sway. But where they were once “contained” by religion or traditional belief structures, now they don’t reside in the same place in Irish experience or psyche. Where does magic “go” when it’s displaced? So here’s my series on the spiritual realm of Ireland, which will be looking at Ireland’s spiritual landscape specifically, and how that gives us a picture of the spirit and modernity in general. The first in the series was AEWCH 186 with Dr. Andrew Sneddon on Irish witchcraft and belief.

But let’s be honest, when we think of magic in Ireland, the first place our mind goes is faeries. So I asked anthropologist Dennis Gaffin to join me. Dennis is a researcher and  author of several books, including In Place: Spatial and Social Order in a Faeroe Islands Community, and his recent novel on theosophy, The Divinity Inquiry. But it’s his work Running with the Fairies: Towards a Transpersonal Anthropology of Religion that we focus on the most.

I’m so excited to share this episode with you, friends.


With so few books of anthropological scholarship on fairies in Ireland – ones that don’t merely dismiss the phenomena out of hand – Dennis’s book is a standout. So your best bet is to go way back to anthropologist Walter Evans-Wentz’s kind of sort of classic book, The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries. Evans-Wentz’s big book is a favorite of academics, lay scholars, and para researchers because of its rigor, and shows up in the strangest places.

A great episode, I think, that pulls apart belief and disbelief, magic and where it hides in plain sight, is AEWCH 141 with religious scholar Jason Josephson-Storm. (BTW, I really, really love that episode!)

Here are three articles on fairies and fairy faith in Ireland to send you down this path. First, when a Teachta Dála (or TD, a member of Irish government) blamed fairies on poor road conditions. Second, a massive road project ro-routed to preserve a fairy bush. Third, a statue of a fairy banned from public display because it was considered offensive.

To be honest, info on Dennis is pretty hard to find! But here’s a good long review of Running with the Fairies . And here’s an issue of The Irish Theosophist featuring some writings on fairies. I didn’t know about the publication (from the 19th century) until I read Dennis’s work.

Until next time, friends!

Irish witches & Irish witch trials – The first AEWCH episode in a series on magic in Ireland!

3 May

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Since 2019, I’ve lived in Ireland. It’s a country being pulled away from Catholic traditionalism and towards humanistic tech neoliberalism. But the spiritual Celtic landscape has never gone away, either. Here, the supernatural, paranormal, mystical, and occult still hold their strange and potent sway. But where they were once “contained” by religion or traditional belief structures, now they don’t reside in the same place in Irish experience or psyche. Where does magic “go” when it’s displaced? Welcome to my series on the spiritual realm of Ireland, which will be looking at Ireland’s spiritual landscape specifically, and how that gives us a picture of the spirit and modernity in general.

To kick the series off, I invited Irish witchcraft scholar, Andrew Sneddon onto the show. Andrew is the author of Witchcraft and Magic in Ireland, as well as Possessed by the Devil: The Real History of the Islandmagee Witches and Ireland’s Only Mass Witchcraft Trial, and Witchcraft and Whigs: The Life of Bishop Francis Hutchinson (1660-1739) . His new book, Representing Magic in Modern Ireland: Belief, History, and Culture (which is free online if you’re reading these show notes before May 10 2022) covers the Irish witch trials and how they appear in literature and other art. We talk about witches of course, but also cunningfolk and belief, ghosts and the political appropriation of magic.


Two books on the conflation (and consequences) of withchcraft and fairies in Ireland are about Bridget Cleary – a woman burned to death by her husband in 1895 after he suspected her of being a changeling. First is The Burning of Bridget Cleary by Angela Bourke, and second is The Cooper’s Wife Is Missing by Joan Hoff and Marian Yates.

The obvious choice in AEWCH 98 with Thomas Waters on the victims of witchcraft and the witchcraft of victims. Thomas is a scholar of witchcraft in the UK (and thankfully also examines the way beliefs in the UK permeated the places it colonized) and there are plenty of parallels here, especially in how magic “hides” by moving its use into new cultural corners and contours.

Since we’re kicking off the series, it’s best to refer you first to the site of the The National Folklore Collection here in Ireland. It’s a huge site with tons of different directions and magical rabbit holes to go down.

Here’s Andrew’s site and CV at Ulster University, where he teaches. Here’s Andrew talking at the event “The Land Remembers: Place as a Keeper of Story.” And here’s a longer talk from Andrew on the Islandmagee witchcraft trials. Andrew is also a cofounder (with Victoria McCollum) of The Witches of Islandmagee Project which presents the story of the Islandmagee witches and witch trials in multiple formats (game, graphic novel, video, etc).

Until next time, friends,


New offering: ∴ WAVEFORM ∵ One-on-one Mentorship with Conner Habib for creative projects/processes, spiritual directives, and amplifying presence. MAY & JUNE ONLY. Extremely limited space.

22 Apr

In the strange new plane of 2022 so many of us want to contribute the highest aspects of our creativity, our individuation, and our spiritual presence. But the rhythms of this plane are disorienting, sometimes draining and confusing.

What is your artistic contribution? Your spiritual project? Your financial sovereignty? Your public presence? IN 2022, will you AMPLIFY/CREATE/ORIENT AND ALIGN your efforts in a way that RESONATES WITH OTHERS, OUR NEWLY FORMING WORLD, AND WHO YOU KNOW YOU TRULY ARE?

If so meet me in


∴∵Life-changing one-one-one mentorship, in which we’ll co-form and intensify your creative works, personal goals, spiritual directives, and public presence with concentrated attention.

∴WAVEFORM∵ is real mentorship, not pre-packaged life coaching.

These sessions will change the direction, outcome and reception of your efforts.
The many forms my work has taken have given me a potent, unique perspective on achievement, resonance, and presence. You will receive every benefit of my two decades of public-facing and award-winning work in media, literature, education, lecturing, public speaking, podcasting, writing, and intellectual endeavors.

This offering exists only in the timeframe of May and June in 2022.
Sign up ends on APRIL 30.

∴WAVEFORM∵ has extremely limited space for participants, since each of you will be receive sustained individual attention from me during that time period.


  • Meet one-one-one for 90 minutes in a SPECTRAL CONTENT MEETING to find the contours of your unrealized goal and vision; and to map out the form your actions need to take over the next two months to meet that goal and vision. It’s different for every project.
  • Meet one-on-one for three, hourlong PHASE MEETINGS to tune in to your progression and to course correct as we go, reseting the rhythm and form where needed
  • Guide you through each layer of your project through as it intensifies and comes into being
  • Develop exercises, new directions, refinements, in Conner’s parallel work: three FREQUENCY SESSIONS where Conner will be focusing on your project on his own, spending time contemplating on you and your efforts to develop exercises and side quests that resonate with your work
  • Identify your strengths (apparent talents) and weaknesses (talents waiting to be redeemed) in achieving your goal
  • Gather in a group streaming READJUSTMENT MEETING (you may stay anonymous or access the recording later) and attune you to rhythms/habits your goals need to flourish + clear your inner world out so that it holds the appropriate space for your effort
  • Create a list of NEW AMPLIFIERS for your work: a curated list of resources made specifically for you and the form you’re working with
  • Keep in touch throughout the two month period, with UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS guaranteeing response from Conner within 72 hours.
  • Recalibrate your old oscillations and habits to turn them into helpers for your new forms

The fee is $2750 for patrons/$3000 for non-patrons/$2600 for patrons who signed up for You Must Change Your Life. To sign up, just send me an email via againsteveryonewithconnerhabib at
You get:

  • 1x Readjustment Meeting (2hrs)
  • 1x 1-on-1 Spectral Content Meeting (90 minutes)
  • 3x 1-on-1 Phase Meetings (50 minutes each)
  • 3x Frequency Sessions (30-45 minutes Conner solo work between meetings)
  • 1 New Amplifier personalized resource list
  • Email access communication within 72 hours

This portal collapses after April 30
so email me today to begin resonating with the process. We will be working together across May and June in a concentrated way so that your fully developed form emerges into the second half of 2022.

Yes, read the FAQ below, but the reason it may sound vague is because ∴WAVEFORM∵ is mentorship for all artistic, spiritual, public intellectual, and personal projects. With the exception of some basic groundwork offered in the Readjustment Meeting, you’ll be receiving individualized attention. Because your project is unique, the form the process and resonance takes will be unique to you.


What kind of projects/spiritual directives/etc can I do?
Because I have a huge range of experience to draw from, ∴WAVEFORM∵ is for all creatives. Aside from hosting a successful podcast, publishing a novel nonfiction, and poetry; I’ve also had my own web series, set up dozens of live events, lectured at universities and organizations around the world, given online courses, and curated events on the national level. I’ve made hundreds of media appearances on TV, podcasts, movies, radio, and web shows. I’ve also been one of the only (the only?) adult performer to navigate the passage from adult performance to popular non-adult endeavors that were not in some way adult- or sexuality-centered.
Your project could be to write a book and make real headway, to secure public attention for endeavors already underway, to create a spiritual community, to shift into a new artistic or professional field, to start a podcast, to make a certain amount of money, or to create your own pathway for occult development. Whatever your form is, I will offer everything I’ve learned that suits the path you’re on.

Can I sign up for some other time?
No. I’m offering these spots right now because my novel comes out in early July and there is an intense nexus of public, financial, and media activity unfolding and flowing into the book. After May and June, I won’t be available for a connection like this. That is why space is extremely limited, and time is confined to this period. This portal exists now. 

Am I guaranteed success in my creative project/goals/etc if I sign up?
Let me put it this way: Committing to spending time with me and up to $3000 on something is an investment in taking your project and goal seriously enough to accomplish it. Your success depends, of course, on you and your determination more than anything else. What I can guarantee is that this process will amplify every aspect of your creative work, from process to  final product, from your feeling in creating to where it all ends up in the world when you’re done.

Aside from the individualized approach, how is this different than any other coaching?
To put it bluntly: have you noticed how most coaches are people you’ve never heard of, posting testimonials from people you’ve never heard of?
I’m not saying they’re not doing anything helpful or worthwhile. It’s just that if you want help,  it’s good to go to someone who you resonate with and is recognized. I’m offering these services because I know that what I’ve learned is helpful to others. I also know how difficult it was for me to get to where I am now, and I want it to be easier for everyone else. No one should have to go through all the work I went through to get to where I am now. So: I’m offering help to a small group of people interested in entering into this commitment to change their lives and bring new forms into being.

Am I too much of a beginner to sign up for this? (Flipside: Am I too accomplished?)
No. The process is for you wherever you’re at. I’ve been hired by New York Times bestselling authors to help them through blocks on their new books. I’ve guided people who have barely sat down to type a few words to publishing essays in magazines with huge circulation. I’ve done spiritual coaching for a cybersecurity worker who suddenly started having unexplainable experiences; I’ve helped an unpublished poet become a screenwriter now working on Netflix series. I’ve advised financial institutions on how to incorporate spiritual principles into their business practices. I’ve coached playwrights on writing their first (now published!) novels and guided undergraduates in university literature courses.

The “right” starting point is wherever you decide to take this step from.

Should I apply even if I can’t really afford it?
Discomfort is not, in general, separable from progression. In signing up for ∴WAVEFORM∵, it’s important that you be able to see things differently, and that includes your own willingness to engage with discomfort and fear to move forward.
I don’t recommend that you sign up if your commitment will totally blow your nervous system apart. But if you’re hesitant yet still reading this, you probably already know that your feelings don’t always accurately reflect the reality of your abilities.
Since you’re here, reading these lines, you are likely to have the resources and a core consciousness and confidence that signing up is possible for you now.

What happens if I sign up and don’t like it? Can I get a refund or drop out?
No client-initiated refunds are available. But I have no interest in artificially trying to help people who would have better teachers. If for some reason your project doesn’t seem to fall into my realm of experience, I will let you know that I’m not sure I can help by the time we are done with our initial Spectral Content Meeting. I will of course give you your money back in that case.
That said, I’ve never had any client in decades of experience want to leave in the middle of a process because they did not find our work together valuable.

I signed up for You Must Change Your Life; why is there a discount? Will we be repeating anything from those sessions?
Not really. The Readjustment Meeting is a group meeting which features a variation of the You Must Change Your Life session. However, it is strongly recommended that you attend, even if you went through the You Must Change Your Life session with me. That said, since there is some overlap in that meeting (and only that meeting), I’m offering a discount, since if you attended YMCYL, you have done some of the ground work already.

How do I pay?
After you email me, will set up the most appropriate payment method for you; usually PayPal.

Any unanswered questions?
Please send to againsteveryonewithconnerhabib at

Now. Let’s Amplify/Create/Orient in this new plane together.

How esoteric christianity vitalizes culture, economics, and politics. AEWCH 185 with Seth Jordan!

21 Apr

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In the midst of 2022, so many of us are seeking peace and meaning. So here’s my series on one meaning-rich tradition and religious stream: Christianity.

But this will be a different sort of Christianity: occult and esoteric Christianity. Some of it might look familiar. Some might seem absolutely bizarre. All of it, I hope will stir a feeling of warmth and depth of meaning for you, whether you feel any affinity with Christianity or the occult. The first episode in the series is AEWCH 181, featuring Rev. Patrick Kennedy from the Christian Community – a religious tradition informed by occultism. The second, AEWCH 182, was on with writer and spiritual teacher Lisa Romero. The third is AEWCH 183 on Christ and technology with tech worker-turned-spiritual-philosopher Andrew Linnell. And the fourth, AEWCH 184, is an examination of esoteric christianity and friendship in the Holocaust and now with historian Anne Weise.

Now we turn to the very practical fruits of esoteric christianity: how it can flow into cultural, political, and economic life in lasting and powerful ways. The name for this is social threefolding, a process articulated by Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century based on principles in human life.

To discuss social threefolding I invited Seth Jordan onto the show; Seth is an educator and writer at The Whole Social. In the spirit of threefolding, I ask three times: Why do we have no idea of how to move forward?


WHAT BOOK YOU SHOULD READ? A great introduction to social threefolding can be found in Nicanor Perlas’s book, Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power, and Threefolding. Nicanor was a presidential hopeful in the Philippines and has received the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize), the Outstanding Filipino Award, and the UNEP Global 500 Award for his work. He was also Seth’s teacher and is a lucid writer.

WHAT OTHER AEWCH EPISODE YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO? Well, two of them: One of my favorite episodes of the show is AEWCH 76 with money historian Conor McCabe where we talk about the phenomenology of money. I had Conor back on the show a year or later to discuss how to reinvent money and economics with anthroposophical economist, John Bloom, on AEWCH 110.

WHAT SHOULD YOU LOOK INTO FURTHER? Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is an initiative that came from biodynamic farming (an esoteric christian approach to agriculture) and social threefolding. It’s incorporated other traditions and thinkers along the way, as exemplified by this good article on CSAs. As Susan Witt, from the EF Schumacher Society says: “One of Steiner’s major concepts was the producer-consumer association, where consumer and producer are linked by their mutual interests,” she explained. “And one of Schumachers major concepts was to develop an economy where you produce locally what is consumed locally. We began to see CSA as a way to bring these key ideas together.”

And one of the farmers at a community farm elaborates the principles:

  • New forms of property ownership—The land is held in a common by a community through a legal trust. The trust then leases its property long-term to farmers who use the land to grow food for the community.
  • New forms of cooperation—A network of human relations replaces old systems of employers and employees as well as replacing the practice of pledging material security (land, buildings, etc.) to banks.
  • New forms of economy (associative economy)–The guiding question is not “how do we increase profits?” but rather “what are the actual needs of the land and of the people involved in this enterprise?

MORE ON SETH You can take Seth’s course on threefolding, Transforming Society: Seeds for a New Social Understanding via the EduCareDo initiative (co-founded by Lisa Romero). Since Seth mentioned “superstar economist” Thomas Piketty, here it is; it’s worth reading even if you’re not familiar with Piketty‘s work.

Until next time, friends, Love. CH

You can now preorder my debut novel, Hawk Mountain, today!

15 Apr

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Here’s a special episode of Against Everyone With Conner Habib about my debut novel of psychological tension, desire, and violence, Hawk Mountain. I read from the novel’s first pages, I talk about how it came together, about being a writer, and also about a blurb from one of my heroes which is still blowing my mind.

Importantly, though, I also talk about preorders! Preorders are so important to an author, a fact which I just discovered since, uh, I’ve never published a book before. But anyway, instead of just saying “it’s important,” here’s why.


  • Boost the first week of sales! Preorders are tacked on to the first week of sales figures, which are key in how much publicity/promotion the book gets.
  • Get all the right people talking about the book! This includes distributors and publishers in foreign countries, then media and…well, you can see where this is going. A book with strong pre-sales enters into the world dancing!
  • Get bookstores and organizations interested in events with me. Which means there’s a better chance that I’ll come to your town*
  • Get the book right away! Like, right away. The day it comes out with some sites below.

US RELEASE DATE, JULY 5 US – The site is the site I use for all book recommendations, since it supports independent bookstores. When you order a book from Bookshop, it finds the closest indie store and sends it to you from there. It works just as well as Amazon 99% of the time, in my experience.

Amazon US – the big cheese, of course. The best thing about ordering from Amazon is that you’ll get it day of publication.

Some other sites: Barnes & Noble IndieBoundHudsons 


Amazon UK

The Gutter Bookshop – Ireland only. If you want a signed copy from a local store in Dublin, order from this gay-owned shop!

Look, obviously I think my novel is good, but if that’s not enough to convince you, here’s some of the advanced prasie:

“Conner Habib’s debut novel is a bleak, dark adrenaline rush.”**
  – Clive Barker

Hawk Mountain is a suspenseful, shocking and ultimately poignant study of anguished conflict, both domestic and internal. Incisively written and intensely imagined, it’s the novelistic debut of a real original.”
  – Ramsey Campbell

“The opening lines of Hawk Mountain plummet you into an atmosphere of creeping dread and precarious restraint that won’t let up until the final, shocking moments.”
  – Caitlin Doughty

“A moving and unflinching portrayal of a man caught in a trap of his own making, but willing to do almost anything―to almost anybody―if it will keep him from having to face up to himself. Hawk Mountain is a wonderfully bleak and beautifully written debut.”
  – Brian Evenson

“A brilliantly disturbing, expertly crafted literary noir that will stick with you long after you put it down. Conner Habib has written a flawless meditation on the fruitless, but eternally human, effort to kill off the parts of ourselves we cannot love―literally and metaphorically. I love this book.”
  – Sara Gran

Hawk Mountain is deft horror, made of precise strikes into our most vulnerable psychic terrain… Finally, a horror story that knows cisheteropatriarchy is the villain!”
  – Andrea Lawlor

“Tender, horrifying, utterly transfixing.”
  – Kelly Link

“Dripping with menace from the first page, this story of childhood enemies meeting up fifteen years later is utterly enthralling. Brilliantly written with homoerotic undertones, this savage tale is uncompromising in its reflection of teen friendships and isolation, and unflinching in its examination of the delicacy of the human body. There is gold among the gore. I found it compelling, shocking, and beautiful.”
  – Liz Nugent

“Conner Habib writes with an hallucinatory precision, and a kind of merciless humanity, about the poisonous work of repression. His forebears-Poe, Highsmith, even classical tragedy-are clear, but his originality is clearer still. Hawk Mountain is a work of strange, glittering darkness.”
  – Mark O’Connell

“A deeply disturbing yet, somehow, soaring novel I won’t soon forget. It plumbs the depths of traumatized characters trapped within our damaging culture. I couldn’t look away, even when I was looking from between my fingers.”
   – Paul Tremblay

I can’t wait to share my first novel with you, friends. Please do get your copy preordered today!