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24 Feb

Three readers. Three decks. Infinite journeys.



The landscape we find ourselves in in 2023 feels uncharted and dangerous, filled with new possibilities and new challenges. It’s no surprise that so many are turning to a time-worn and powerful tool for guidance: The tarot.

But what’s the best way to read the cards? What are the cards and what’s behind them? And when and why should we consult them, anyway?

This year, let’s investigate


Join Conner Habib, Rachel True, and Sarah Maria Griffin for a unique and potent one-time workshop on the secret truths held in the cards, and how to best relate to them for guidance and revelation.

This workshop and Q&A – with an option to receive a reading from the teachers – will alter your perception of the tarot by coming at cartomancy through three different decks, three cards, and three perspectives.

Each of the three readers has different experiences with the tarot and uses different decks; so instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to the tarot, we’ll show you the many, many paths the decks open for you… as well as what is more fixed as what, if anything, is fixed and foundational to reading the cards.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned reader, the three-pathway approach in this workshop will point you in new and exciting directions.

Together, we’ll:

  • Investigate what is it that you’re accessing when you read the tarot, anyway.
  • Examine which deck you should choose and why.
  • Consider when should you consult the tarot?
  • Create a spread using cards from three different decks to show how a spread and each card can be interpreted in many ways.
  • Look at why the cards matter on a personal level.
  • Talk about the process of learning the 78 cards, as well as how to best remember what the cards mean.
  • Uncover whether or not each card has a fixed meaning or if it’s up to the reader
  • Look at the differences – and challenges – in reading for yourself vs reading for others.
  • Listen and respond to participant questions about tarot.

And much more!

Plus, participants who want readings from the course teachers can sign up for the READINGS ticket and stay on after the workshop for an EXTREMELY LIMITED engagement. Readers will be assigned AT RANDOM.

All participants will receive 30 days access to a recording of the talk.

In 2023, let’s move forward… with 78 helpers from the deck by our side, and infinite pathways at our feet.

EVENT! OCCULT PHILOSOPHIES: An immersive workshop on Rudolf Steiner & the Western esoteric tradition. Live in Dublin or streaming/recorded! JANUARY 28!

12 Jan


I’ll be giving a lecture and workshop (complete with spiritual exercises) on Rudolf Steiner and the Western esoteric tradition here in Dublin on Saturday January 28, at the amazing spiritual spot – The Space Between!

It’s a 3 hour long workshop with some snacks and coffee in the break, along with lots of Q&A and community discussion.

The event is moderated by AEWCH guest and frequent collaborator Una Mullally.

Description of the event below.

Unfortunately because this is a collaboration with The Space Between, I can’t offer patreon patrons discounts, but your presence will of course be acknowledged and appreciated. And I’ll try to think of SOMETHING special to pass along to you, so if you DO sign up, let me know.

You can attend in person, by watching the event streaming, or by watching a recording afterwards! 

Below is the description. 


“Love is the only passion which must not be discarded in the pursuit of truth.”   Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925)

If you haven’t heard Rudolf Steiner’s name you might know about his many efforts – including Steiner schools (AKA Waldorf schools), biodynamic agriculture, Weleda, Camp Hill communities, Community Shared Agriculture (CSAs) – and more.

Or maybe you’ve heard that his occult explorations were the inspiration for Marvel comics’ Dr. Strange; that he influenced Rachel Carson’s writing of Silent Spring; that he inspired artists as diverse as Cy Twombly, Wssily Kandinsky, Saul Bellow, Andrei Tarkovsky, and the literary group the Inklings, which includes J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis.

But getting into Steiner and his esoteric work – called anthroposophy – can be daunting, to say the least. With thousands of lectures and dozens of books filled with esoteric terms and gestures that would make a philosopher blush, it’s difficult to find a way into his vast body of work.

Join author and podcaster Conner Habib in this plain-language daytime workshop on Rudolf Steiner and the Western esoteric tradition. Together we’ll enter multiple doorways into Steiner’s work, engage in anthroposophical thought exercises, and create pathways for further exploration.  It’ll be fun and deep, complex and weird, respectful and irreverent all at once.

Conner Habib is the author of the international hit novel Hawk Mountain, and the host of the podcast Against Everyone with Conner Habib, a podcast which covers topics as diverse as occultism, punk rock, and radical politics.

Una Mullally is an Irish Times journalist, author, and activist.

This workshop goes from 11am to 2.30pm with a tea, coffee and snack break in the middle.

Hosted by The Space Between, whose mission is to lean into the edge of the emergent, and navigate the unknown with a lightness and depth. 

Tickets:In studio: €35 early bird / €45 late bird 

Online: €15 early bird / €20 late bird 

Early bird pricing until 20th.

HAWK MOUNTAIN UK TOUR DATES! Come hang out with me and special guests September 8-14!

24 Aug

Can’t tell you how excited I am to announce UK TOUR DATES FOR HAWK MOUNTAIN!

And with a great line up of in-conversation partners, including a mystery writer, an occultist, a fiction writer and a special guest!

Please do spread the word and come!

SEPTEMBER 8: TREADWELLS, LONDON – with DUNCAN BARFORD (The Blood of the Saints, Occult Experiments in the Homes). On the occult, creativity, and fiction!TICKETS 


SEPTEMBER 12: WATERSTONES, BRIGHTON – With SJ Watson (Before I Go To Sleep, Final Cut). On psychological thrillers! 7PM.

SEPTEMBER 14: NO ALIBIS BOOKSTORE, BELFAST – With Wendy Erskine (Sweet Home, Dance Move). 6:30PM

I’ve also got a few Hawk Mountain/AEWCH t-shirts (ONLY available at events) left.

PLUS: ALL PATRONS who come to the events get a cool FREE limited edition Hawk Mountain postcard I made with my brother in-law!

See you there friends! Bring your pals, get a seat, Hawk Mountain and AEWCH with me! Can’t wait to see you!

EVENTS: Three (very different!) Dublin HAWK MOUNTAIN happenings! With special guests Caitlin Doughty, Sarah Maria Griffin, Una Mullally, and Mark O’Connell

25 Jul

Hey there friends,
Wanted to let you know that there are three Hawk Mountain events coming up in Dublin, and each one is very different.

1. A book launch at the legendary Hodges Figgis with my friend Una Mullally on WEDNESDAY, JULY 27 This is a reading in the standard sense. I read the book, I answer a few questions, we hang out, we drink wine! To go to this FREE event, email ldermody@penguinrenadomhouse.ie and say you’re coming by! (you can cut and paste/ use this text – just include your name: Hi I’m excited to attend the Conner Habib event on the 27th. Thanks!)

2. I’ll be talking horror and darkness in fiction with author, podcaster, and tarot reader Sarah Maria Griffin, on FRIDAY, AUGUST 5 at  Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI). Here’s the link! The event is FREE and will be awesome.

3. My event on THURSDAY, JULY 28 with Caitlin Doughty and Mark O’Connell is SOLD OUT! But go to one of the other two with the also awesome AEWCH guests here!

New offering: ∴ WAVEFORM ∵ One-on-one Mentorship with Conner Habib for creative projects/processes, spiritual directives, and amplifying presence. MAY & JUNE ONLY. Extremely limited space.

22 Apr

In the strange new plane of 2022 so many of us want to contribute the highest aspects of our creativity, our individuation, and our spiritual presence. But the rhythms of this plane are disorienting, sometimes draining and confusing.

What is your artistic contribution? Your spiritual project? Your financial sovereignty? Your public presence? IN 2022, will you AMPLIFY/CREATE/ORIENT AND ALIGN your efforts in a way that RESONATES WITH OTHERS, OUR NEWLY FORMING WORLD, AND WHO YOU KNOW YOU TRULY ARE?

If so meet me in


∴∵Life-changing one-one-one mentorship, in which we’ll co-form and intensify your creative works, personal goals, spiritual directives, and public presence with concentrated attention.

∴WAVEFORM∵ is real mentorship, not pre-packaged life coaching.

These sessions will change the direction, outcome and reception of your efforts.
The many forms my work has taken have given me a potent, unique perspective on achievement, resonance, and presence. You will receive every benefit of my two decades of public-facing and award-winning work in media, literature, education, lecturing, public speaking, podcasting, writing, and intellectual endeavors.

This offering exists only in the timeframe of May and June in 2022.
Sign up ends on APRIL 30.

∴WAVEFORM∵ has extremely limited space for participants, since each of you will be receive sustained individual attention from me during that time period.


  • Meet one-one-one for 90 minutes in a SPECTRAL CONTENT MEETING to find the contours of your unrealized goal and vision; and to map out the form your actions need to take over the next two months to meet that goal and vision. It’s different for every project.
  • Meet one-on-one for three, hourlong PHASE MEETINGS to tune in to your progression and to course correct as we go, reseting the rhythm and form where needed
  • Guide you through each layer of your project through as it intensifies and comes into being
  • Develop exercises, new directions, refinements, in Conner’s parallel work: three FREQUENCY SESSIONS where Conner will be focusing on your project on his own, spending time contemplating on you and your efforts to develop exercises and side quests that resonate with your work
  • Identify your strengths (apparent talents) and weaknesses (talents waiting to be redeemed) in achieving your goal
  • Gather in a group streaming READJUSTMENT MEETING (you may stay anonymous or access the recording later) and attune you to rhythms/habits your goals need to flourish + clear your inner world out so that it holds the appropriate space for your effort
  • Create a list of NEW AMPLIFIERS for your work: a curated list of resources made specifically for you and the form you’re working with
  • Keep in touch throughout the two month period, with UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS guaranteeing response from Conner within 72 hours.
  • Recalibrate your old oscillations and habits to turn them into helpers for your new forms

The fee is $2750 for patrons/$3000 for non-patrons/$2600 for patrons who signed up for You Must Change Your Life. To sign up, just send me an email via againsteveryonewithconnerhabib at gmail.com.
You get:

  • 1x Readjustment Meeting (2hrs)
  • 1x 1-on-1 Spectral Content Meeting (90 minutes)
  • 3x 1-on-1 Phase Meetings (50 minutes each)
  • 3x Frequency Sessions (30-45 minutes Conner solo work between meetings)
  • 1 New Amplifier personalized resource list
  • Email access communication within 72 hours

This portal collapses after April 30
so email me today to begin resonating with the process. We will be working together across May and June in a concentrated way so that your fully developed form emerges into the second half of 2022.

Yes, read the FAQ below, but the reason it may sound vague is because ∴WAVEFORM∵ is mentorship for all artistic, spiritual, public intellectual, and personal projects. With the exception of some basic groundwork offered in the Readjustment Meeting, you’ll be receiving individualized attention. Because your project is unique, the form the process and resonance takes will be unique to you.


What kind of projects/spiritual directives/etc can I do?
Because I have a huge range of experience to draw from, ∴WAVEFORM∵ is for all creatives. Aside from hosting a successful podcast, publishing a novel nonfiction, and poetry; I’ve also had my own web series, set up dozens of live events, lectured at universities and organizations around the world, given online courses, and curated events on the national level. I’ve made hundreds of media appearances on TV, podcasts, movies, radio, and web shows. I’ve also been one of the only (the only?) adult performer to navigate the passage from adult performance to popular non-adult endeavors that were not in some way adult- or sexuality-centered.
Your project could be to write a book and make real headway, to secure public attention for endeavors already underway, to create a spiritual community, to shift into a new artistic or professional field, to start a podcast, to make a certain amount of money, or to create your own pathway for occult development. Whatever your form is, I will offer everything I’ve learned that suits the path you’re on.

Can I sign up for some other time?
No. I’m offering these spots right now because my novel comes out in early July and there is an intense nexus of public, financial, and media activity unfolding and flowing into the book. After May and June, I won’t be available for a connection like this. That is why space is extremely limited, and time is confined to this period. This portal exists now. 

Am I guaranteed success in my creative project/goals/etc if I sign up?
Let me put it this way: Committing to spending time with me and up to $3000 on something is an investment in taking your project and goal seriously enough to accomplish it. Your success depends, of course, on you and your determination more than anything else. What I can guarantee is that this process will amplify every aspect of your creative work, from process to  final product, from your feeling in creating to where it all ends up in the world when you’re done.

Aside from the individualized approach, how is this different than any other coaching?
To put it bluntly: have you noticed how most coaches are people you’ve never heard of, posting testimonials from people you’ve never heard of?
I’m not saying they’re not doing anything helpful or worthwhile. It’s just that if you want help,  it’s good to go to someone who you resonate with and is recognized. I’m offering these services because I know that what I’ve learned is helpful to others. I also know how difficult it was for me to get to where I am now, and I want it to be easier for everyone else. No one should have to go through all the work I went through to get to where I am now. So: I’m offering help to a small group of people interested in entering into this commitment to change their lives and bring new forms into being.

Am I too much of a beginner to sign up for this? (Flipside: Am I too accomplished?)
No. The process is for you wherever you’re at. I’ve been hired by New York Times bestselling authors to help them through blocks on their new books. I’ve guided people who have barely sat down to type a few words to publishing essays in magazines with huge circulation. I’ve done spiritual coaching for a cybersecurity worker who suddenly started having unexplainable experiences; I’ve helped an unpublished poet become a screenwriter now working on Netflix series. I’ve advised financial institutions on how to incorporate spiritual principles into their business practices. I’ve coached playwrights on writing their first (now published!) novels and guided undergraduates in university literature courses.

The “right” starting point is wherever you decide to take this step from.

Should I apply even if I can’t really afford it?
Discomfort is not, in general, separable from progression. In signing up for ∴WAVEFORM∵, it’s important that you be able to see things differently, and that includes your own willingness to engage with discomfort and fear to move forward.
I don’t recommend that you sign up if your commitment will totally blow your nervous system apart. But if you’re hesitant yet still reading this, you probably already know that your feelings don’t always accurately reflect the reality of your abilities.
Since you’re here, reading these lines, you are likely to have the resources and a core consciousness and confidence that signing up is possible for you now.

What happens if I sign up and don’t like it? Can I get a refund or drop out?
No client-initiated refunds are available. But I have no interest in artificially trying to help people who would have better teachers. If for some reason your project doesn’t seem to fall into my realm of experience, I will let you know that I’m not sure I can help by the time we are done with our initial Spectral Content Meeting. I will of course give you your money back in that case.
That said, I’ve never had any client in decades of experience want to leave in the middle of a process because they did not find our work together valuable.

I signed up for You Must Change Your Life; why is there a discount? Will we be repeating anything from those sessions?
Not really. The Readjustment Meeting is a group meeting which features a variation of the You Must Change Your Life session. However, it is strongly recommended that you attend, even if you went through the You Must Change Your Life session with me. That said, since there is some overlap in that meeting (and only that meeting), I’m offering a discount, since if you attended YMCYL, you have done some of the ground work already.

How do I pay?
After you email me, will set up the most appropriate payment method for you; usually PayPal.

Any unanswered questions?
Please send to againsteveryonewithconnerhabib at gmail.com

Now. Let’s Amplify/Create/Orient in this new plane together.

Nothing is off the table. We can turn this world into a utopia now. A LIVE episode of AEWCH, talking utopia at the National Concert Hall with Una Mullally & Andrea Horan.

17 Nov

LISTEN HERE VIA SOUNDCLOUD OR ON Apple PodcastsSpotifyBreaker Anchor

Against Everyone With Conner Habib is free for everyone, but it only exists via of support of listeners. If you like this show, if it has meaning for you, support it by using Patreon! Thank you so, so much.


Here’s a live episode of AEWCH, featuring one of my main collaborators, Una Mullally (AEWCH 151 & AEWCH 87) plus one of her main collaborators, Andrea Horan, who co-hosts their podcast, United Ireland.

In October, Una and I were asked to curate a series of events at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. Naturally, we decided to link the events thematically around out main concern: UTOPIA.

In this live event, Una, Andrea, and I discussed Utopia with a live audience, and then got them to dream up utopia as well. The audience appears on this episode, expressing what they’ve dreamt up. It’s a messy and wonderful moment: Dream big, dream now, dream together with strangers. I’m so happy with how the evening turned out.

To that end, when you listen to this episode, please do the exercises we suggest (and the supplements to the exercise) as best you can.

No real show notes here, but plenty of references to Rudolf Steiner & social threefolding, Grant Morrison, Jacques Lacan, magic, self help, and of course, utopia.

For more on Una visit her column in The Irish Times.

And here’s her episode of United Ireland about imagining utopia in Dublin.

For more on Andrea, here’s her TEDxTalk.


Join me + Una Mullally, Gang of Youths, Saint Sister and more at UTOPIA- in person or streaming from the National Concert Hall in Dublin OCTOBER 20-24!

14 Oct



In the midst of the loneliness and fear of 2020, Una Mullally (AEWCH 87 & 151) and I noticed something profound: people were helping each other. They were looking out for each other. We both had the same thought at the same time: if we could wash our hands, and stand far apart, and buy groceries for our neighbors, and live each day with concern in our hearts for one another, we could make a better world, too.

And it didn’t have to be complicated, we’d just need the right starting point. And that starting point was and is:

What do you want?

Instead of asking questions of what’s practical, what came before, or what’s expected next, we thought, why not really ask what people are imagining.

So we started a project just for people living in Ireland in the summer of 2020: Utopia Ireland. We asked people what their idea was for a better Ireland they’d think a better Ireland looked like. We got well over a thousand answers in just a few months with almost no marketing.

What we found was that people in Ireland are ready for something: not “new” not “old” but something connected.

When the National Concert Hall contacted Una and said they were curating new series of events that would take place just at the turning point of the pandemic, we knew that this was a way for us to ask the question again.

What did we want? In this case, what did we want from cultural and music events?

We wanted events that had a sense of risk, a sense of uncertainty, and a sense of vision.

We wanted a concert – Murmuration – that drew from the culture of buskers in Irish cities and from the unpredictability of nature. At the concert — which features Gang of Youths frontman Dave Le’Aupepe (AEWCH 31), Gemma Doherty from Saint Sister, Irish folk star Daoirí Farrell, and more — each musician “passes off” the stage to the next musician, sharing the space and working with the musical director Ben Castle. The show will be dangerous in the best sense of the word. Instead of a polished production, it will move like the light of birds it’s named after.

We wanted a celebration of one of the most profound visionaries in Irish history, John Moriarty. John’s work is praised by Irish writers and celebrities. But he’s still largely unknown. He wrote about Ireland that was in touch with its eternal landscape, ancient mythology, and artistic present, all at once.

We wanted to present a merging of our podcasts, Against Everyone with Conner Habib and United Ireland to talk about utopia – and social threefolding – with each other and with the audience.

We wanted a room where sound was immersive, penetrating, and healing. A “sound bath” run by DJs and sound artists that passes the vibration through you as you enter; messing you up in the best way possible.

We wanted the unrehearsed, un-contained energy of rap music, with the spirit of a battle and freestyle. Music and lyrics that are craved from the air in the room by Irelands’ most innovative hi[p hop artists: Rebel Phoenix, Strange Boy, DJ Replay, Dyramid, and more.

We wanted something that felt involving. We learned in the pandemic that we saved each other. That participation, not spectating in the world is what got us through. So Utopia is a series of events that brings every audience member into a space of vision, anticipation, contemplation, creativity, and movement.



EVENT: Join me + AEWCH guests Heather Berg & Kathi Weeks for a live discussion on sex work as anti-work!

7 May

Hi friends,

I’ll be on a panel discussing sex work as anti-work politics as part of Seattle’s Red May festival. I’ll be in discussion with AEWCH guests Kathi Weeks and Heather Berg, as well as femi babylon and Cassandra Troyan!

The info is here, and it’s free to sign up!

Also, check out other Red May events with AEWCH guests like Dean Spade, Franco Bifo Berardi, Michael Hardt, and more!



1 Jan


God Sex Death is an online course that takes on three fundamental aspects of being human, featuring short lectures, conversation, and Q & A with three of today’s innovative figures in conversation: Theologian Peter Rollins, Sexpert Conner Habib, and Mortician Caitlin Doughty.

But there’s a catch! Rather than talking about the topics they know best, they’ll each be taking on each other’s area of expertise.

This is a course that examines the intersections of human experience like no other. What does someone who knows so much about death have to say about sex? What does someone schooled in the profane have to offer on the sacred? And what can an expert in the eternal illuminate about the end of everything?

After each short presentation, we’ll talk with each other and then turn the questions over to YOU. We’ll be answer all your nagging God Sex Death questions!

Can’t attend the day of? Not to worry, a standard ticket gets you exclusive access to a recording of the whole thing for 90 days!


Caitlin Doughty is a mortician, the bestselling author of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory and From Here To Eternity: Traveling The World To Find The Good Death. She’s also the host of the YouTube series Ask A Mortician, where she answers every question conceivable about death. From “What’s the most horrible way to die?” To “What happens to whale carcasses?”

Conner Habib is the host of the podcast Against Everyone with Conner Habib, and an internationally recognized expert on pornography, sexuality, and culture. His essays appear in Salon, Vice, CR Fashion Book, and more. He gives lectures at universities and organizations around the world, and he’s probably the only person alive who’s won awards for teaching, writing, and performing in porn.

Peter Rollins is the author of multiple books, including The Idolatry of God: Breaking Our Addiction to Certainty and Satisfaction, Insurrection: To Believe Is Human To Doubt, Divine. Each year in Belfast, Peter hosts Wake, a five day festival that explores the nature of belief, God, doubt, and politics. Peter hosts the podcast The Fundamentalists, on which he is made fun of weekly by comedian Elliot Morgan.


There are three different tickets types.

Standard: You’ll get access to the course, the Q&A, and the recording of the course for 90 days. 15.00

Plus: You’ll get everything above and you’ll also get: The exclusive God, Sex Death Reading List curated by Caitlin, Conner, and Peter. Each of us will recommend one book on each of the topics. 20.00

Gold: You’ll get everything from the Standard and Plus tickets and: Three Exclusive 2019 God Sex Death Tips Videos from Caitlin, Conner, and Peter! That’s right, you’ll get three separate videos (one from each speakers, each speaking about their area of expertise), giving you a tip on how to explore, think about, and think more deeply about God, sex, and death! These are short videos with a personal feel ONLY available to Gold ticket holders, telling you how to go deeper into each topic! 30.00


A few days before the course starts, you’ll receive a link to the live webinar and instructions on what to do when you get to the site.

It’s simple, and all you need is your computer, the internet, and a few clicks to get started!

Plus and Gold ticket holders will get their benefits within 48 hours of the conclusion of the course!


For groups of three or more, please contact me for group registration rates!

Good Chaos

14 Jul


Caitlin Doughty, Yours Truly, Gordon White

My event in LA with Gordon White, Chaotic Good: Why We Need the Occult Now (More Than Ever), was a big success on many levels.
It sold out, so that was a pretty great marker of its success, financially. But also, it was a marker of the necessity of and longing for occult-related events.


La société du spectacle

Beyond those basic levels, it was intense. The audience members were all just…vibing. There were powerful occultists there (Poke Runyon sat in the front row, jeez), and beginners, and skeptics (including our amazing moderator, Caitlin Doughty), and political folks and artists. Everyone was just listening, taking it all in, and during the Q&A expressing their own version or whatever resonated. It was a spell against loneliness if nothing else. Whatever happened content-wise, I knew that we’d done a good thing together in just being with each other, in gathering all these weirdos who have imaginations that are big enough to take on reality itself.

Byron Katie says “We talk to figure out what we want to say.” I agree. And sometimes, we even say what we want to say and want what we want. When I give public talks, sometimes ideas come from me that I didn’t know were there. What I want to say just appears.

And the work of refining a thought so that others can hear it and understand it is an act of agility, so I find myself (especially in Q&A) turning to my heart as I speak. What will I say that is understandable here? What will connect these people – who are giving me the honor of their silence and the negative space of their hearing – to this idea and to me?

It makes me a better person to speak publicly and answer questions, because I have to imagine what other people are like, what they feel, and what they think. Even though I’m speaking, we’re inhabiting each other.


“I drink of my sisters and I ask for the ability to not hate those who hate me. Especially racist pieces of bleach-blonde shit like Laura Lizzie.”

Rachel True (from The Craft!) gave tarot readings, and tarot, beyond its more obvious powers, commands a listening-to. When you get a reading, you listen in a different way. The tarot has a conversation with your thoughts, and your embedded-ness in time.

Of course, the conversations after I got off the stage had their own lives too. One-on-one conversation is one of our most powerful tools. I always say conversation and sex are the same order of being: They are free; they can go in any direction; they may be happy or unhappy or exciting or boring; whatever the outcome, it doesn’t mean you won’t engage again with the same person; they’re different from person to person, and more. Chaotic good.

It reminds me of Rudolf Steiner’s stirring comment that “Conversation is the new Eucharist.” Body and blood and sacrament.

Sit with that, if you want. Let it ring out in you. Remember when you speak to another person, you’re encountering a completely unique nexus of universal forces.

Gordon talks about a bit of this on the new episode of Rune Soup, which you can/shouldlisten to here.

If you couldn’t attend the event not to worry, the entire thing is being transcribed into an ebook with new intros by Gordon and I.

Hopefully the book will be not only interesting, but make you feel like you’re at the event, in conversation.

A big part of my conversation now is happening through my Patreon page, which is linked to my new web series. Please do sign up on Patreon to support my work and livelihood, and to interact with me. Thank you, new pioneers.