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New offering: ∴ WAVEFORM ∵ One-on-one Mentorship with Conner Habib for creative projects/processes, spiritual directives, and amplifying presence. MAY & JUNE ONLY. Extremely limited space.

22 Apr

In the strange new plane of 2022 so many of us want to contribute the highest aspects of our creativity, our individuation, and our spiritual presence. But the rhythms of this plane are disorienting, sometimes draining and confusing.

What is your artistic contribution? Your spiritual project? Your financial sovereignty? Your public presence? IN 2022, will you AMPLIFY/CREATE/ORIENT AND ALIGN your efforts in a way that RESONATES WITH OTHERS, OUR NEWLY FORMING WORLD, AND WHO YOU KNOW YOU TRULY ARE?

If so meet me in


∴∵Life-changing one-one-one mentorship, in which we’ll co-form and intensify your creative works, personal goals, spiritual directives, and public presence with concentrated attention.

∴WAVEFORM∵ is real mentorship, not pre-packaged life coaching.

These sessions will change the direction, outcome and reception of your efforts.
The many forms my work has taken have given me a potent, unique perspective on achievement, resonance, and presence. You will receive every benefit of my two decades of public-facing and award-winning work in media, literature, education, lecturing, public speaking, podcasting, writing, and intellectual endeavors.

This offering exists only in the timeframe of May and June in 2022.
Sign up ends on APRIL 30.

∴WAVEFORM∵ has extremely limited space for participants, since each of you will be receive sustained individual attention from me during that time period.


  • Meet one-one-one for 90 minutes in a SPECTRAL CONTENT MEETING to find the contours of your unrealized goal and vision; and to map out the form your actions need to take over the next two months to meet that goal and vision. It’s different for every project.
  • Meet one-on-one for three, hourlong PHASE MEETINGS to tune in to your progression and to course correct as we go, reseting the rhythm and form where needed
  • Guide you through each layer of your project through as it intensifies and comes into being
  • Develop exercises, new directions, refinements, in Conner’s parallel work: three FREQUENCY SESSIONS where Conner will be focusing on your project on his own, spending time contemplating on you and your efforts to develop exercises and side quests that resonate with your work
  • Identify your strengths (apparent talents) and weaknesses (talents waiting to be redeemed) in achieving your goal
  • Gather in a group streaming READJUSTMENT MEETING (you may stay anonymous or access the recording later) and attune you to rhythms/habits your goals need to flourish + clear your inner world out so that it holds the appropriate space for your effort
  • Create a list of NEW AMPLIFIERS for your work: a curated list of resources made specifically for you and the form you’re working with
  • Keep in touch throughout the two month period, with UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS guaranteeing response from Conner within 72 hours.
  • Recalibrate your old oscillations and habits to turn them into helpers for your new forms

The fee is $2750 for patrons/$3000 for non-patrons/$2600 for patrons who signed up for You Must Change Your Life. To sign up, just send me an email via againsteveryonewithconnerhabib at gmail.com.
You get:

  • 1x Readjustment Meeting (2hrs)
  • 1x 1-on-1 Spectral Content Meeting (90 minutes)
  • 3x 1-on-1 Phase Meetings (50 minutes each)
  • 3x Frequency Sessions (30-45 minutes Conner solo work between meetings)
  • 1 New Amplifier personalized resource list
  • Email access communication within 72 hours

This portal collapses after April 30
so email me today to begin resonating with the process. We will be working together across May and June in a concentrated way so that your fully developed form emerges into the second half of 2022.

Yes, read the FAQ below, but the reason it may sound vague is because ∴WAVEFORM∵ is mentorship for all artistic, spiritual, public intellectual, and personal projects. With the exception of some basic groundwork offered in the Readjustment Meeting, you’ll be receiving individualized attention. Because your project is unique, the form the process and resonance takes will be unique to you.


What kind of projects/spiritual directives/etc can I do?
Because I have a huge range of experience to draw from, ∴WAVEFORM∵ is for all creatives. Aside from hosting a successful podcast, publishing a novel nonfiction, and poetry; I’ve also had my own web series, set up dozens of live events, lectured at universities and organizations around the world, given online courses, and curated events on the national level. I’ve made hundreds of media appearances on TV, podcasts, movies, radio, and web shows. I’ve also been one of the only (the only?) adult performer to navigate the passage from adult performance to popular non-adult endeavors that were not in some way adult- or sexuality-centered.
Your project could be to write a book and make real headway, to secure public attention for endeavors already underway, to create a spiritual community, to shift into a new artistic or professional field, to start a podcast, to make a certain amount of money, or to create your own pathway for occult development. Whatever your form is, I will offer everything I’ve learned that suits the path you’re on.

Can I sign up for some other time?
No. I’m offering these spots right now because my novel comes out in early July and there is an intense nexus of public, financial, and media activity unfolding and flowing into the book. After May and June, I won’t be available for a connection like this. That is why space is extremely limited, and time is confined to this period. This portal exists now. 

Am I guaranteed success in my creative project/goals/etc if I sign up?
Let me put it this way: Committing to spending time with me and up to $3000 on something is an investment in taking your project and goal seriously enough to accomplish it. Your success depends, of course, on you and your determination more than anything else. What I can guarantee is that this process will amplify every aspect of your creative work, from process to  final product, from your feeling in creating to where it all ends up in the world when you’re done.

Aside from the individualized approach, how is this different than any other coaching?
To put it bluntly: have you noticed how most coaches are people you’ve never heard of, posting testimonials from people you’ve never heard of?
I’m not saying they’re not doing anything helpful or worthwhile. It’s just that if you want help,  it’s good to go to someone who you resonate with and is recognized. I’m offering these services because I know that what I’ve learned is helpful to others. I also know how difficult it was for me to get to where I am now, and I want it to be easier for everyone else. No one should have to go through all the work I went through to get to where I am now. So: I’m offering help to a small group of people interested in entering into this commitment to change their lives and bring new forms into being.

Am I too much of a beginner to sign up for this? (Flipside: Am I too accomplished?)
No. The process is for you wherever you’re at. I’ve been hired by New York Times bestselling authors to help them through blocks on their new books. I’ve guided people who have barely sat down to type a few words to publishing essays in magazines with huge circulation. I’ve done spiritual coaching for a cybersecurity worker who suddenly started having unexplainable experiences; I’ve helped an unpublished poet become a screenwriter now working on Netflix series. I’ve advised financial institutions on how to incorporate spiritual principles into their business practices. I’ve coached playwrights on writing their first (now published!) novels and guided undergraduates in university literature courses.

The “right” starting point is wherever you decide to take this step from.

Should I apply even if I can’t really afford it?
Discomfort is not, in general, separable from progression. In signing up for ∴WAVEFORM∵, it’s important that you be able to see things differently, and that includes your own willingness to engage with discomfort and fear to move forward.
I don’t recommend that you sign up if your commitment will totally blow your nervous system apart. But if you’re hesitant yet still reading this, you probably already know that your feelings don’t always accurately reflect the reality of your abilities.
Since you’re here, reading these lines, you are likely to have the resources and a core consciousness and confidence that signing up is possible for you now.

What happens if I sign up and don’t like it? Can I get a refund or drop out?
No client-initiated refunds are available. But I have no interest in artificially trying to help people who would have better teachers. If for some reason your project doesn’t seem to fall into my realm of experience, I will let you know that I’m not sure I can help by the time we are done with our initial Spectral Content Meeting. I will of course give you your money back in that case.
That said, I’ve never had any client in decades of experience want to leave in the middle of a process because they did not find our work together valuable.

I signed up for You Must Change Your Life; why is there a discount? Will we be repeating anything from those sessions?
Not really. The Readjustment Meeting is a group meeting which features a variation of the You Must Change Your Life session. However, it is strongly recommended that you attend, even if you went through the You Must Change Your Life session with me. That said, since there is some overlap in that meeting (and only that meeting), I’m offering a discount, since if you attended YMCYL, you have done some of the ground work already.

How do I pay?
After you email me, will set up the most appropriate payment method for you; usually PayPal.

Any unanswered questions?
Please send to againsteveryonewithconnerhabib at gmail.com

Now. Let’s Amplify/Create/Orient in this new plane together.

New In-Depth 4-Session Online Course! The Culture of the Current – A Workshop for Facing the World We Live in Now

29 Jun


One of my great ambitions is to create new models of education that work in and are relevant to the world we live in. To be honest, I was always a little afraid to construct my own long-term course. But after years of work, I’ve finally gathered the vision and confidence to do it. The Culture of the Current is my in-depth, intimate, interactive, and network-creating online workshop on creating a politics and theory of the present day. The description below will lay it all out for you (and I’ve included some photos of thinkers whose work I’ll be drawing on). It’s limited to only 20 participants and it’s going to be great. So read the description below and sign up here. Onward!

Do you get the feeling that something is off with our present moment?

Do you wonder if we’ve taken a horrible turn somewhere along the way to Now?

Are you mystified by the present moment and have no idea how, exactly, we’re going to move forward?

Maybe you’re tuned in to the “this changes everything” advances and stumbles of recent history. Some of these changes seem beneficial and hopeful: alternate forms of currency, 3-D printers, advances in medicine, accessibility to information and creative tools, and more. Others seem terrifying: climate change, growing political unrest, disparity in wealth, ethnic/racial/orientation inequalities.

While people of all eras have felt that theirs was a special one, that their challenges were


Lynn Margulis, biologist

leading to disaster or utopia, something is unique about our moment:

No one seems to have formulated a theory or politics to deal with the changes and challenges we’re facing.

It’s clear that the old structures — our representative government, culture of consumption, scientific theories, religious impulses, etc. — aren’t up to the task. They’re relics, trying — and failing — to keep up with the pace of The Current we live in.

This intimate, in-depth, and interactive four-session online workshop is an answer to those problems.

Instead of waiting for a theorist, economist, or politician to lead the way, you’ll join Conner Habib and your peers in co-creating a theory of the present moment, and developing alternative frameworks for politics and philosophies of everyday life. This is an intimate course, limited to 20 participants.

Together we’ll investigate the most pressing questions of our time:

  • How are the social phenomenon and movements of our day — identity politics, the changing face of governments, internet connectivity and dissonance, environmentalism, and more — connected?
  • What would a theoretical framework that binds all these changes and challenges look like?
  • What does it mean to be human in an era when we have new relationships to space, time, identity, sexuality, and more?
  • How can we best deal with the challenges facing us?


Bruno Latour, anthropologist

The course will start with introductions and Conner Habib’s broad but incomplete theory, “The Culture of The Current,” which will draw from multiple perspectives: scientific ones, philosophical ones, anthropological, occult, and sociological ones. Conner will talk about such wide-ranging topics as the relationship between citizens and their governments, sexual identity, privacy, mass shootings, selfies, and more.

Then participants will work with each other to develop their own theories, which we’ll eventually assemble together. 

In this course you will:

  • Demystify the noise and rush of events of the present day, and find a confident understanding of our moment
  • Push the boundaries of your thought and what’s possible for action and activism, as well as everyday life
  • Leave with developed ideas on the current moment and a new politics
  • Have exclusive access to 3 lectures by Conner Habib during the course and 60 days after the course completes
  • Get 15 hours of ineraction with Conner Habib and peers with similar concerns
  • Create a supportive network of peers to engage with in our tumultuous time
  • Immerse yourself in the writing and work of cutting edge thinkers who are working on progressive initiatives
  • Find pathways forward in our changing world
  • Get an exclusive essay, article, book, and film list of related writers and artists, curated by Conner

Your theories can come from wherever you want, so completely different viewpoints, areas


Franco “Bifo” Berardi, philosopher

of expertise, and interests are more than welcome. When the world is in such a dramatic flux that it no longer seems real to us, then nothing is off limits, not even the unreal. No one will be “right” or “wrong” so there’s no pressure to create a totally complete or perfect theory. This is a class of cooperation, not competition.

Each group will present their thoughts, and then we’ll move on to creating viable paths forward: How do we now envision new politics? Philosophy? Art? Economy? Science? Anatomies? Religion? Interaction with the natural world? Creativities? Views of identity?

Most importantly, we’ll have a better sense of the answer to this question:

What will it take to enact a hopeful new current of politics and everyday life to flow in?



Doug Rushkoff, media theorist

The course meets four Sundays in a row, for three hours per session. There’s an intermission in each session.

There are readings which will be sent to you via email by Conner Habib. You’ll be expected to read a bit before the course starts, and then along the way.

This course will be fun, warm, and create a sense of community. It’s for participants who are serious about forming communities and developing real frameworks that address our present day. Participants are expected to: 

  • complete all required readings
  • attend every every session
  • communicate with partners
  • complete all collaborative projects on time

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and emergencies. That said, you’ll be generally expected to commit to all of the above for the duration of the workshop.

When you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email. About 10 days before the course starts,


Rudolf Steiner, occultist

you’ll receive another email with the first reading and instructions on how to sign in. It just takes a few clicks, and it’s simple.


It’s so important to me to have dedicated and enthusiastic participants in this course, and I don’t want the fee keeping those people out. To that end, I’ve made two scholarships spots available, one for a full waiver and one for a half waiver. Since this course has taken me quite a bit of time and effort to put together, please only apply for a scholarship if you’re actually in absolute financial need and couldn’t take the course without it. To apply, send me an email and I’ll send you the scholarship application form.