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The esoteric christianity of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on AEWCH 222 with writer and researcher David Lorimer.

17 May

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Here is a ep 3 in a series of on occult & esoteric christianity, an evolving tradition that offers vitalizing insight into how to move forward.

Across these episodes, I’ll be talking about various streams and fruits of occult & esoteric christianity, as well as some of its key figures. Rather than presenting the typically dogmatic, dominating, and totalizing christianity — which is always in danger of being seized by people, especially conservatives, with power — this series will present a different and truer form. Open, wounded, individuated, and powerless; a tradition that relates to other spiritual paths without seeking to control or diminish them.

The first in the series, AEWCH 220, featured Rev. Jonah Evans, and the second, AEWCH 221 featured Rev. Patrick Kennedy.

For this episode, I’m moving from looking at esoteric christianity overall and towards one of its most profound figures, Peter Deunov (1830 – 1918), also known as Beinsa Douno. Deunov was a Bulgarian spiritual teacher, the creator of a system of spiritual movement called paneurythemy, and a composer. His spiritual teachings, for instance his expression of the Christian qualities of the pentagram, are vast and often seem simple… until you spend a silent moment with them, which is when they reveal their depth. If you’re not familiar with Deunov, there are new lessons there to be found.

A real engagement with Deunov’s work can be difficult in the same was as engaging with other esoteric christian figures like Steiner or Swedenborg. So I asked David Lorimer, on the show.

David is the author/editor of Prophet for Our Times: The Life & Teachings of Peter Deunov and more recently a fantastic collection of spiritual essays, A Quest for Wisdom: Inspiring Purpose on the Path of Life. He’s also the program director of The Scientific and Medical Network which explores and researches common ground between science, medicine, and spiritual traditions.

If you’re willing to throw yourself into the deep end with all of this, Rudolf Steiner’s Christianity as a Mystical Fact is awaiting you. If you’d rather wade in on the scientific end, Lorraine Daston and Peter Galison’s book Objectivity is a good place to start.

An episode which touches on so many of the themes here – mutual aid & spirituality, the dangers of entheogens in spiritual development, materialism, and more – is AEWCH 200, Part 3, featuring Mitch Horotowitz, Dean Spade, Duncan Trussell, and Lisa Romero. It’s a massive and wide-ranging episode, and a listener favorite.

David’s podcast, Imaginal Inspirations, features David in conversation with spiritual and scientific luminaries. There’s a great episode where David’s daughter interviews him on his own development (and how he was deeply influenced by Colin WIlson). He also has multiple other books, including Resonant Mind: Life Review in the Near-Death Experience.