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Abby Martin returns to AEWCH to talk about the love behind activism and resistance.

18 Aug

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Friends,I’m so happy to welcome my friend, journalist and documentarian Abby Martin back on the show. We have a very different talk than Abby is usually asked to have: instead of talking about what’s wrong with the world, we talk about why we want to change it. The answer we keep coming back to is love.

I start this show talking about my stepfather, who I found out – just hours after recording with Abby – had died the night before.


• Abby’s current projects are her podcast & short film series with her partner, Mike Prysner , Empire Files. Her forthcoming film is Earth’s Greatest Enemy, which focuses on the US military as the world’s most urgent environmental threat. And don’t miss her work with her brother Robbie Martin on Media Roots News. Here’s Abby’s latest appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.
Here’s Abby and Mike’s excellent movie, Gaza Fights for Freedom.
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• Here’s Eddie Glaude displaying the courage of a broken heart on MSNBC.

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The moral of the story is… How Aesop confronts empire, with Carlo Gébler on AEWCH 78!

30 Jul

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How exciting to welcome fiction writer, memoirist, and Aesop scholar Carlo Gébler to AEWCH to discuss how Aesop’s fables present insight into fighting empire, how the powerful tell their stories, and more!
Carlo is a staple here in the Irish literary landscape. The son of famed Irish author Edna O’Brien and famed/infamous Irish author Ernest Gébler, Carlo was named after Karl Marx and has taught writing for years, including in prisons. He’s written nearly 30 books for adults and children plus plays in total. His latest book, Aesop’s Fables: The Cruelty of the Gods, which is beautifully (and intensely!) illustrated by Gavin Weston, retells 190 (!) of Aesop’s tales, adding humor and amplifying the brutality of each one.
But, as you’ll hear on the episode, Carlo isn’t just retelling these tales for entertainment (though they are extremely entertaining), he sees in them strategies for resistance and hints at how power works. And Carlo reads a few of Aesop’s fables, including “The Clever Lamb and the Wolf”, “The Frogs Who Demanded A King”, “The Flute Playing Wolf and the Dancing Kid”, and my favorite, “The Fox and the Farmer”.
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