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Witches in space. No, really. Alkistis Dimech & Peter Grey of Scarlet Imprint on AEWCH!

8 Dec

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Will there be witches in space?

Sorry, it’s just that I’ve been thinking about the spirituality of the future; particularly the occultism, the witchcraft, and the magic of the future. Why is it that we’ll do future forecasts on everything from economics to Marvel movies to elections, but we won’t orient spirituality to the future?Or if we do, it’s in a resistance-y sort of way: where spirituality is merely pitted against the erosion of meaning?To talk about this, I sat down in front of a roaring fire in Cornwall with Peter Grey and Alkistis Dimech: authors, performers, witches, and owners of the occult publishing company, Scarlet Imprint. Last time, on AEWCH 127, we talked about the apocalypse. Now we’re talking about what comes after the apocalypse, and where spirit fits.

And yes, there will be witches in space.


• For more on Peter and Alkistis, listen to AEWCH 127 and also look through the show notes there! Here’s Peter on a recent episode of Rune Soup talking about his latest book The Two Antichrists, which looks at the magical engagement of L. Ron Hubbard and John Whiteside (Jack) Parsons. Since last we spoke, Alkistis and Peter have deleted their twitter, but they still have an Instagram. You can buy all Scarlet Imprint books on their website.

You can buy any of the other books mentioned on/related to this episode via my booklist for AEWCH 172 on bookshop.org! The site sources from independent bookstores in the US, not a big corporate shipping warehouse where the workers are treated like machines. Plus when you click through here to order, the show gets a small affiliate kickback!

• I wrote a short essay on how lockdowns altered our perceptions of time and space for The Irish Times. And I talked about the nature of space and time way back on AEWCH 5.

• Alkistis mentions French writer/philosopher of desire Pierre Klossowski.• I talk with occultist accupuncturist veterinarian Are Thoresen about the nothingness of Christ on AEWCH 116. And I also talked with Scott Elliot Hicks about creating a heart for Ahriman on AEWCH 122. The two episodes are two of my very favorite episodes of the show.

• Peter mentions Doug Rushkoff, who was on AEWCH 125. And in response, I mention one of my favorite philosophers, Michel Serres (who also writes about folding time in his writing).

• ISIL cannon and cloudbuster. Technology can offer us more than war.

• I’ve mentioned Alenka Zupančič many times on the show, so maybe now it’s time for you all to read her profound book on nothingness, What Is Sex.

• Oh by the way, Jack Parsons is tied into the Twin Peaks universe.

• Here’s Gordon White and I talking on Grimerica back in 2017 about the emergence of new spiritualities.

Until next time friends, illuminate the dark passages,

Looking back to 2020, ahead to 2021.

9 Jan

Well, friends,

What an incredible and intense year 2020 was. I’m grateful for it and my circumstances in many ways, but I’m also looking forward to this year and what it will bring.

I’m sure for many of you, your thoughts and feelings are running wild, even as your actions are still mostly constrained to the home. But fears of political unrest, excitement (and dread!) about vaccines, about continuing conflicts over masks, about the environment, about neoliberal governments and fascist governments, about resources, about your job, and more, are all showing up. So what to do?

I’m trying my best to see into all of this and offer some grounding and love and assistance in navigating the year that’s unfolding.

To that end, I’ve compiled a spotify playlist of my most notable recent podcast appearances. To access the playlist, just click here or search for “Conner Habib guides for 2021” on your spotify app.

The conversations include the latest episode of my own podcast, which is spookily entitled “The Year of the Revelation of the Blood” (don’t worry, it’s good spooky!) in which I discuss the coming year from an esoteric Christian perspective.

But the playlist also includes:

• My appearance on internationally-renowned fitness and health professional Paul Chek’s podcast, Living 4D, where I talk about sexuality and God.

• My conversation and audience Q&A with Gordon White on Rune Soup (there’s also video available here) about the challenges of changing from a materialistic to a spiritual worldview in 2021 and why that is absolutely needed.

• My discussion about the war on sex and dissolving old world views with media analyst Doug Rushkoff on his consistently excellent podcast, Team Human.

My long chat with Duncan Trussell – in which I lead him through a bunch of spiritual exercises, and he calls me a “living psychedelic substance” – about the ongoing changes in human consciousness.

Want to be in conversation with me and other patreon patrons about this year, how to achieve your goals amidst the order (AKA “chaos”) and to discuss how to make it a great year instead of an oh-shit-how-am-I-going-to-manage one? Join us for the Against Everyone Salon on the new year.
Sign up for or boost your pledge to the Against Everyone Salon tier, which is $10/month. To do that, go here, and support at the $10 level or higher.

Anyway, dear friends, it’s going to be a great year for all you who can stay steady and get your sea legs for the journey across this year long oceanic gulf of what came before and what will be in the future!



How To Be An Occult Activist – I’m on the latest episode of Rune Soup!

6 Jul

Gordon White (who you might remember from episode 4 of AEWCH) and I talk about all sorts of stuff, but mainly, what activism infused by real spirituality and occult knowledge looks like.

We talk

  • the spirituality of identity politics
  • why the will is bad for magic 
  • Susan Sarandon
  • desire v materialism
  • how to include going backwards into activism and spirituality

It starts off a little slow and then builds and builds and builds. Until it becomes, in full, one of the best podcast appearances I’ve ever done.

You can watch/listen via YouTube above or go to the Rune Soup site to download or connect to audio.


Casting a spell, obviously.

Chaos Magician + Renegade Anthroposophist = Podcast

5 Jan

IMG_4011Happy to announce I’m the first guest of 2017 on one of my favorite podcasts, Rune Soup, hosted by author and occultist, Gordon White. (If you want to skip past this stuff, just scroll down to the podcast.)

I found Gordon through a series of synchronicities: Last year, I spoke to an occulty friend of mine in San Francisco after three years of not communicating (nothing bad, we just sort of dropped out of each other’s lives). “Conner, you’ve got to read this book called The Chaos Protocols! It’s a completely new take on the economic climate and how to engage with money and the world we live in now,” he said. Or something to that effect.

I trust my friend’s taste, but to be honest, I did what I often do when people recommend stuff to me – I  thought, “Sure, sure. Another magick book. I’ll get to it in 2052.”

Later that day, I turned on a podcast that I love and am often happily frustrated by, Skeptiko, hosted by Alex Tsakiris (you may remember my conversation about scientific knowledge with Alex from December 2014). The guest? None other than Gordon White. It was a great interview.

Okay, okay, I’ll look this guy up. When I checked twitter, I saw that we followed each other. Huh? I had no memory of following him, nor of him following me. He must have just tweeted something awesome and I instinctively hit the Follow button. A few months later, I’d read The Chaos Ptotocols (it’s excellent, as are his other books, Star.Ships and Pieces of Eight) appeared on Episode 24 of his podcast, Rune Soup (which is also the name of his excellent occult-meets-politics website), and was becoming fast friends with Gordon.

My second appearance is even better than the first, in my opinion. We talk about 2017, gwwhy you shouldn’t despair, what the state of the world can mean for us spiritually, why it’s important to decolonize our thoughts, the power of forgiveness, and more. It’s all part of my work this year to radiate empowerment to you, dear reader, dear viewer, dear friend. This includes my upcoming online course, Radical Undoing: Decolonize Your Mind with Sex, Science, the Occult, and Philosophy (sign up!); which I talk about on the podcast.

Let’s become the prisms through which inspiration, imagination, and creative engagement refract and illuminate.

Here’s the podcast! Enjoy!