10 Jun

If you want to hang out with me inside your ears (just let that be weird, it’s okay), you’re in luck!

I’ve been on a bunch of podcasts in the past few months and they are some of the best podcasts I’ve ever done. I’m not just saying that. People seem to be excited to talk with me about a variety of issues now, instead of just asking the basic porn questions, which at this point have become boring to me (and probably you, if you’ve been following along for awhile). So please listen and feel free to comment, and tell your fav podcast host to have me on. I love conversation.

Here’s a quick rundown:

First up, Rune Soup with the mighty Gordon White! I met Gordon through a series of synchronicities (that’s what people who aren’t crazy call “coincidences”) and suddenly, there we were, talking about fantasy novels (On A Pale Horse, for example), the problems of materialism in the occult, punk rock, and more.

You can click here to download, or just listen below.




On futurist podcast The Singularity Bros, I got to talk stuff few people give me a chance to talk about, but that I love considering. Particularly: the end of work and why we don’t need jobs anymore. I also talked about the future of sex, dissed virtual reality and the occulus rift, and said Buddhist monks could probably fly. It’s good stuff.

Click here to download/listen!



WTMatt Baume is the funny, thoughtful, and warm-hearted host of The Sewers of Paris podcast. I had no idea what to expect, and the episode wanders from topic to topic in a great, organic way. He’s an amazing interviewer. We start with The Superfriends and it all unravels from there. The book of spell I stole from my middle school library, the guys I wanted to fuck in high school. And at some point, I say I have superpowers. Click here to listen.


MiriamFinally, I got on Miriam Seddiq‘s podcast, Not Guilty No Way. Miriam is a criminal defense attorney and force to be reckoned with. We met via a scuffle on twitter. There were insults and jabs, and then we were both like, “But, um, why are we doing this, you seem awesome?” Not atypical for Arabs, by the way. There’s the fast and furious expression of anger followed by embrace and trust. We know how to do peace pretty well. Miriam is one of the only podcasters that said she researched me by watching my porn. Bravo to her. She’s brilliant, and I had a great time. It’s very, very conversational. Without the back story, you’d think we’d been friends for a long time.

You can click here to download or listen below.

One Response to “Podcastmania!”

  1. Music for 18 musicians August 16, 2016 at 1:39 am #

    Enjoyed listening to these podcasts. You mention Deleuze in relation to Steiner, and I’ve been combing the academic literature for articles on Deleuze’s link to the esoteric tradition. Below, a few items from the curio cabinet.

    In the book “At the Edges of Thought: Deleuze and Post-Kantian Philosophy,” Frederick Amrine says that “Deleuze’s plane of immanence must be what Rudolph Steiner termed in his own late work a realm of ‘living working,’ as opposed to a realm of ‘finished work”.

    For Deleuze’s relation to the occult, I’d recommend Christian Kerslake’s work in general, and this article of his in particular:


    There’s a Deleuze quote where he says that “to create is first of all to engender ‘thinking’ in thought”. Sort of similar to Steiner, I think. To think about thought—not its content but its genesis—is the gist, I take it. Every actual, spatio-temporal, identifiable object is the actualization of an idea, ideas being like the differentials of thought that flow in the hollowed-out remains of the “I”. Below is an article by Torbjorn Eftestol about that. It focuses on Deleuze’s three syntheses of time, the discordance of the faculties, etc..


    Also, there’s Joshua Ramey’s work on Deleuze and hermeticism:

    Click to access Physics_of_Sense_Preproof.pdf

    Not sure if you read these already. If you haven’t, you’ll probably get more out of them than me (I’m dumb). Have a good one, and start a podcast already – it’d be great.

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