Brief words on Russia and Ukraine.

24 Feb


I literally have no clue on how to evaluate Russia/Ukraine/US/UK/EU. 

I can speculate and be guided by thought: why is it that so many international conflicts involve the US setting the stage then insisting it must avert the conflict as it starts?

But what I know is true is: condemn war. And that baseline has served me my whole life.

When you refuse to approve of war – including cultural and economic war – on any level, you may not stop the juggernaut of material actions.  But you do express what a world that does not allow war looks like. 

And even the gods take notice of that sort of innovation.

That means: Peace and true democracy, not “crippling sanctions” and “weapons to the Ukraine.”  If you want to end war, don’t beg for its tools to be deployed.

And don’t move into the temptations of our moment.

Despair and anger are the temptations for all of us watching from a distance.  The darkest fears of those of us not fleeing for our lives are unhelpful decadence.  Find peace in yourself. Then offer it in your actions and words.

To that end, you may want to investigate DiEM25. I support DiEM25‘s mission to bring peace and democracy to all of Europe. They were co-founded by AEWCH 107 and 143 guest, Srećko Horvat.

I encourage you to support them too, particularly if you need to do something with your longing to contribute but aren’t sure today what that might be.

Peace be with you.
Be not afraid.

One Response to “Brief words on Russia and Ukraine.”

  1. thetarotman February 24, 2022 at 5:25 pm #

    Conner, thank you for this.

    Frankly, you made a challenging day a little brighter, and gave us this important information.

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