Hands on healing, Himmelbriefs, and hex signs: The Pennsylvania Dutch healing tradition with Robert Phoenix on AEWCH 199!

16 Sep

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I grew up in small town Pennsylvania which always seemed outwardly magickless back then. De-enchanted, not spiritual except for the very obvious and plain religious traditions happening around me. What a striking discovery that the area I grew up in and even my tiny little town had its own healing, symbolic, esoteric christian tradtion: Powwow or braucherei. The tradition is found in books like The Long Lost Friend and hew symbols on barns and even in a nearby murder.

Learning about all of this grounded me in my past, it made me feel less confused about why I was born where I was born. So I wanted to talk about it. I asked powwow practitioner and author of The Powwow Grimoire, Robert Phoenix onto the show and we had a great conversation of all things powwow.

Very happy to have had such a friendly and enlightening conversation about the spiritual pulse of where I’m from.

This is the last episode on the way to AEWCH 200, which is a massive episode.
Enjoy it, friends!


I was introduced to powwow in two ways. By a former professor of mine who recommended I look into it, but also in a form you can access – the book Occult America: White House Seances, Ouija Circles, Masons, and the Secret Mystic History of Our Nation by frequent AEWCH guest Mitch Horowitz. It’s the first thing I read by Mitch, and it remains one of the best scholarly works on the occult in America, and its very particularly American forms.

Perhaps a surprising selection – but AEWCH 112 with Peter Bebergal, on which we talk about occult technology. The idea of “how occult tech works” flows in and out of my conversation with Robert. I wouldn’t say a definitive answer arises on either episode, but it’s good to hear differing perspectives, both of which indicate something “coming through” rather than “being done.”

Robert’s website is full of posts, resources, and information. It’s an excellent site to learn about powwow. Maybe even better? Robert’s YouTube channel, which had a ton of short videos on the topic. Finally, here’s an interview with Robert (and Jason David) on the What Magic Is This? podcast.

He’s also a member of a paranormal researchers group, Spirit Searchers, which is available for investigations in Pennsylvania.

Until next time friends,
Be made whole,

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