UPDATES (or: I Moved To LA and You’re Going To Come See Me, Yes? Yes.)

7 Nov

standingtallHello!  I moved to Los Angeles, which is about the best thing ever.  Today I sat under a lime tree and had coffee outside.  It’s November, folks!  Anyway, the reason why I moved here was to amplify my career, to spend time with my amazing LA friends, and to wear shorts.  I love wearing shorts.  

I’ll be writing an original essay – about porn – for this site soon, but along with everything else I’m up to, I’m finishing up my first book (a manifesto about sex and culture) tentatively titled The Sex We’ve Never Had: How to Make the World Better for Touchy Subjects which will be published by Disinformation in 2014.  Look for excerpts here in the future.

Below are some upcoming Habib events, some new writing, and more.  If you want me to do an event where you live, you can always hire me to speak at your school/organization.  (You can also hire me as a writing coach/script doctor.)



Risk! at the Nerdmelt Theater in La, with Jake Fogelnest, Julie Brister and more!

Risk! is a storytelling founded by Kevin Allison, best known as a cast member of the MTV sketch comedy show, The State.  Basically, I get up on stage and tell a story that’s a little scary for me to tell.  Then the other people do the same.  It’s live entertainment and it’s at the theater that Nerdist.com set up and it’s with a bunch of people way more famous than me, and I’m scared.  And also really really excited.  This is a first for me – even though I’ve given plenty of talks, and had people jizz in my eye on camera, storytelling is a whole different animal.  So come by for a Habib first, hang out, and we can share stories afterward.

November 9

Bentcon – The Queer Comics Con

Yes, I will be totally nerding out and speaking at a comic con – The GAYEST comic con there is.  I’ll be hanging around the whole weekend amidst the spandexed bulges, writing a story about the gays and superheroes for Vice.  But my actual events will be a panels on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday – 4:00PM  “The Importance of Gay Sex in Fiction” – Talking with the other panelists and the audience about, you know, fucking.  But fictional fucking.  How to write about sex, how much to put in (har har) your work, how to not go over the top or make it corny (and how TO make it corny as well, I suppose).   Sunday – 4:00PM “Heroes: Just Like You” – Talking about my heroes and (God forbid) how I might be a role model for LGBT people.  My partner in crime Chris Donaghue (host of Logo TV’s Bad Sex) will also be on this panel!  Hurrah.  Whoever’s wearing the cutest Thor helmet gets a kiss.



I write a weekly column for Vice Magazine! Hurray!  My column, “Profanity!” appears just about every week (or about three times a month).  This is a huge development for me – Vice is truly cutting edge and reports from the margins of society.  They also have an excellent HBO series.  The column focuses mostly on occult/spiritual stuff and sex stuff, sometimes they overlap, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes I just go way off topic and write about whatever.  Anyway, happy to be there.

Three essays up as of this post:

Kirk Cameron Wrote the Bible”  In which I attend a screening of Kirk Cameron’s latest crazy Christian fundamentalist movie, Unstoppable.

Unstoppable isn’t a grappling with theological questions, the work of a wistfully faithful person, or a personal journey. As I’m sure you have already guessed, it’s not the work of thoughtful biblical scholarship either. Unstoppable is the full-frontal display of an egomaniac who has somehow found his way into a position of power.”

Fap for Freedom” In which I examine the explosion of media stories focusing on masturbation, and what all this new jerk-off attention means.

““This is your brain on porn” pseudoscience has left behind the old and mostly-discredited arguments of “objectification” and emphasized the problem with masturbation itself.  These neurofundamentalists tell us that science has proven masturbating to internet porn is physiologically addictive and can erode relationships.  Of course, one cursory scientific look into the data of these studies, or a critical eye toward their conclusions and the claims fall apart.”

The Un-Science of Radionics” In which I explore a forgotten occult technology that blends art with science.  And also talk about my younger self, wanking it.

“To get a handle on a controversial, discredited, and generally bizarre medical technology called radionics, here’s a story about me as a horny teenager. As a kid, I’d look up sexual words in the dictionary, creating pathetic versions of pornography for myself. The words turned me on, even the medical/sterile ones like “penis.”  The problem was I wanted more than what was on hand in most dictionaries, which were not cool enough to keep curse words as entries.  So sometimes I’d just repeat sexual words out loud, over and over again. “Dick,” I’d say. “Dick, dick, dick.” Eventually I’d work myself up enough to masturbate, and everything would be okay until my next foray into the reference section.”




There’s an interview with me about condoms and testing in porn, what turns me on, and whether or not I think of myself as a slut over

on the Slutist blog.

I got a shout out on superstar dating/relationship maven Patti Stanger’s blog – where sexpert Emily Morse recounts my tips on how to give a good blowjob.On Vice’s technology site, Motherboard, I’m featured in an essay about porn stars who think about and mess with the occult by occult/techno scribe Jason Louv.

On the more explicitly NSFW front, I have two new scenes out – one with Brock Avery for Cocksuremen.com and another with Dario Beck in the Titan movie, Resort.

Help Me Change the World or Whatever

I’m still looking for an intern and web designer.  The last round of applicants were amazing people, but I decided that I need to have someone close to me – so if you’re in the LA area (or close enough that you can meet with me in person occasionally), here’s your chance to be part of the whole Conner Habib mission.  Looking for someone who’s into what I’m up to – that’s the biggest requirement.  I won’t be paying initially, but am happy to provide college credit for independent studies, and to ask you what your goals are and help you along.  I’m also willing to trade writing coaching.  There are lots of details to go over – If you’re interested, send me a quick note via connerhabibsocial at g mail dot com.

8 Responses to “UPDATES (or: I Moved To LA and You’re Going To Come See Me, Yes? Yes.)”

  1. Dean Haas November 7, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

    I love your stuff, Conner. You get me going in every possible way.


  2. Natalie November 8, 2013 at 1:34 am #

    I’m excited that you’re telling a story for Risk. Do you know if it’ll end up in their podcast?

    • Conner Habib November 8, 2013 at 3:46 am #

      Yay – not sure! I hope so – live performances usually are!

  3. Bill November 8, 2013 at 8:11 am #

    Congrats on your move Conner! I hope you’re very happy in your new home ❤

  4. elan5@btinternet.com November 11, 2013 at 6:00 pm #

    HI Conner,

    Great to hear from you, I wondered if you were away filming, because I hadn’t heard anything from you for a while now. Good to know you are up and about and this blog is very interesting reading. I see you love wearing shorts, I admit you drive me wild with excitement when you wear light blue jeans with your bulge and the very sexy hairy chest, and of course the seductive smile, you are a charmer and I really love hearing from you!

    Weather wise here in London we are not as fortunate, wind, rain, and chilly!!! Anyway, looking forward to your book next year when published and must purchase it, and naturally have it signed by you.

    Keep in touch my friend, I am so sorry you haven’t yet found a successful web designer and intern, if circumstances were different I would have jumped at the chance believe me. The waiting though will provide dividends long term I am sure.

    Yours ever,

    Ed Lang


  5. 毛雷 November 11, 2013 at 7:56 pm #

    I would like to work with you, dear Conner. Unfortunately, I am in Canada. WTF… But we still have lots of chances to make things out. You did a great job!

  6. Kyle Michel Sullivan November 14, 2013 at 2:01 am #

    I love LA, and I miss it. Hope you have a blast there. I’ll be dreaming you are…

  7. James February 1, 2014 at 9:07 pm #

    Just discovered your blog,even though I am familiar with your adult-oriented material.I am still trying to believe that you are the same person that I see on a case of DVD that I hide under the matress.While analyzing the rest of your posts,I realized that you’re in porn industry not by mistake and not because financial difficulties forced you to scream in pleasure in front of a camera.You’re quite unique,even though you still follow the trends of porn-industry models,you still promote your adult-oriented material on the same websites that your co-stars do,your cute small videos on vine are just a reflection of hundreds of others,that are recorded by other porn-actors.This is not a judgmental comment,it’s a remark.Afterall, I am still not sure how two Connor Habibs live in harmony in 1 body?Harmony,I guess it’s a keyword.
    Wish you all the best,I have a strong belief in your future,where a sensitive and romantic and a bit silly at times Connor will be smiling on the cover of his next bestseller paperback,nude or dressed,but known for great skills in playing with words and a pencil.

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