Join me every night for a streaming lecture and Q&A – Nobodies Together: The Virus Sermons

17 Mar


I know a lot of you are experiencing a sense of instability, uncertainty, and are affected by…well, ALL of this COVID-ity. I also know you might be curious or interested in what’s happening in our world; or maybe even just bored with the same conversations and statistical-based analysis+news over and over.

So I’ve decided to offer a series of short lectures and Q&A every night (except Tuesday) called

Nobodies Together: The Virus Sermons

Each night, I’ll give a short, informal “sermon” on a topic related to the coronavirus pandemic that’s not often discussed, with hopes of sending our minds in new directions, and away from the claustrophobia of the news cycle. These will be followed by a sort Q&A where I’ll read and respond to your questions.

Topics will include
  • Recreating the (better) world after the pandemic
  • The contradictions of what’s being asked of us, and how to deal with them
  • The socio/political/economic crises that set the stage
  • The spiritual dimensions of illness
  • What the hell is happening, anyway
  • Coronavirus conspiracies and what to make of them
  • Sex and touch now that we’re all home alone
  • Why our attitudes towards death matter
  • How to use past trauma to deal with current events
  • Dispelling anxiety
  • Why magic matters now (if, indeed, it does)
  • Physical and mental health tips
and more! I’ll also have an occasional special guest in live conversation.


1. I’ll be live streaming once a day, every day (except Tuesdays!) at 6PM GMT – (Check your local time zone to sync up! I know that seems obvious but we have different daylight savings times in Ireland than the rest of the world, so the time might be a little trickier right now).
The sermons are
free for all patrons at all levels. If you’re not a patron, SIGN UP HERE at ANY LEVEL. There’s also more info posted there if you need it.

2. Check on patreon for the link to the sermon, which will go up every day in the morning, Dublin time (GMT).
Simply click on the link and follow the prompts. Please try to show up on time, but don’t worry if you can’t., just come anyway.
do not share the links, and if you are watching with someone who is not a patron, please ask them to sign up, at any level, for my patreon here. Obviously I want to be present for as many people as possible in this time, but I also want to prioritize my supportive community and also take care of myself and my own needs.

  • Each sermon and Q&A will last 20-30 minutes, and be followed by a Q&A. If there’s a ton of people and a ton of energy on the topic, maybe we’ll go longer.
  • The “room” limited to 100 people, if this becomes an issue, I’ll upgrade to a larger streaming room.
  • These events will require a bit of work from me each day, so they will NOT be available as recordings, and the topics will NOT be announced beforehand. Just show up and stay in the surprise of a new conversation.
  • There is a chat function so you can talk to each other during, and I encourage you all to exchange contact info as desired, so that you can form a communicative network.
  • I’ll do these as long as we’re stuck in our houses, as long as the anxiety is hanging out with us, and/or as long as I can keep up. If I decide to stop, I’ll give you a big heads up.
I’m so excited to offer this to you, and to meet with you, and to say fuck it to “social distancing.” We may need physical distancing, but social distancing is the last thing we need. We need relating, relationship, connection. Talk with you all soon.


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