Christ and the robots. I talk tech and occultism with MysTech founder Andrew Linnell on AEWCH 183!

30 Mar

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In the midst of 2022, so many of us are seeking peace and meaning. So here’s my series on one meaning-rich tradition and religious stream: Christianity.

But this will be a different sort of Christianity: occult and esoteric Christianity. Some of it might look familiar. Some might seem absolutely bizarre. All of it, I hope will stir a feeling of warmth and depth of meaning for you, whether you feel any affinity with Christianity or the occult. The first episode in the series was AEWCH 181, featuring Rev. Patrick Kennedy from the Christian Community – a religious tradition informed by occultism. The second, AEWCH 182, was on with writer and spiritual teacher Lisa Romero.

One of the main wellsprings of meaning in our time is also one of the main vampiric forces in our time, sucking meaning from each day at the same instant it offers it up: technology. How do we find our way into the spiritual aspects of technology? Does esoteric christianity have an indication?

I invited a spiritual educator with over four decades in tech – Andrew Linnell – on to the show to discuss all of this. In addition to teaching anthroposophy Andrew is the cofounder of the tech-and-spirituality study group, MysTech, and he’s also the author of multiple books, including The Uncomfortable History of Christianity and The Hidden Heretic of the Renaissance: Leonardo.

I’m so excited to share this episode with you. It goes deep into the challenges – and pathways through them – of our time.


WHAT BOOK YOU SHOULD READ? Normally I wouldn’t throw you into the deep end with the reading, but let’s face it: with this episode, we’re already in the deep end! So, a great supplement is Rudolf Steiner’s lecture series, The Influences of Lucifer and Ahriman: Human Responsibility for the Earth. It’s a lot to take on if you’re new to esoteric Christianity, but as with most occult truths, you sometimes just have to not-know in the reading and contemplation until you find your way to knowing via experience. See how it goes for you!

WHAT OTHER AEWCH EPISODE YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO? I did a whole series of episodes on tech back in 2020, and the one that stands out the most for me in relation to this episode is AEWCH 112 featuring writer Peter Bebergal. We discuss what occult technology but never quite get to the precipice of the rabbit hole Andrew and I go down into here. So I think the episodes compliment each other really well.

WHAT SHOULD YOU LOOK INTO FURTHER? There’s an easy spiritual exercise offered by the esoteric Christian group, The Researchers of Truth called the Introspection exercise. It’s done a bit differently by anthroposophists, but I think the Researchers version is so simple that it’s a great place to start if you’ve never done meditation or spiritual exercise before.

MORE ON ANDREW The best way to engage with Andrew’s work is by enrolling in one of the MysTech study courses. But you can also read the MysTech journals which feature Andrew and other contributors, and you can subscribe to the monthly MysTech newsletter.

Until next time, friends,

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