You can now preorder my debut novel, Hawk Mountain, today!

15 Apr

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Here’s a special episode of Against Everyone With Conner Habib about my debut novel of psychological tension, desire, and violence, Hawk Mountain. I read from the novel’s first pages, I talk about how it came together, about being a writer, and also about a blurb from one of my heroes which is still blowing my mind.

Importantly, though, I also talk about preorders! Preorders are so important to an author, a fact which I just discovered since, uh, I’ve never published a book before. But anyway, instead of just saying “it’s important,” here’s why.


  • Boost the first week of sales! Preorders are tacked on to the first week of sales figures, which are key in how much publicity/promotion the book gets.
  • Get all the right people talking about the book! This includes distributors and publishers in foreign countries, then media and…well, you can see where this is going. A book with strong pre-sales enters into the world dancing!
  • Get bookstores and organizations interested in events with me. Which means there’s a better chance that I’ll come to your town*
  • Get the book right away! Like, right away. The day it comes out with some sites below.

US RELEASE DATE, JULY 5 US – The site is the site I use for all book recommendations, since it supports independent bookstores. When you order a book from Bookshop, it finds the closest indie store and sends it to you from there. It works just as well as Amazon 99% of the time, in my experience.

Amazon US – the big cheese, of course. The best thing about ordering from Amazon is that you’ll get it day of publication.

Some other sites: Barnes & Noble IndieBoundHudsons 


Amazon UK

The Gutter Bookshop – Ireland only. If you want a signed copy from a local store in Dublin, order from this gay-owned shop!

Look, obviously I think my novel is good, but if that’s not enough to convince you, here’s some of the advanced prasie:

“Conner Habib’s debut novel is a bleak, dark adrenaline rush.”**
  – Clive Barker

Hawk Mountain is a suspenseful, shocking and ultimately poignant study of anguished conflict, both domestic and internal. Incisively written and intensely imagined, it’s the novelistic debut of a real original.”
  – Ramsey Campbell

“The opening lines of Hawk Mountain plummet you into an atmosphere of creeping dread and precarious restraint that won’t let up until the final, shocking moments.”
  – Caitlin Doughty

“A moving and unflinching portrayal of a man caught in a trap of his own making, but willing to do almost anything―to almost anybody―if it will keep him from having to face up to himself. Hawk Mountain is a wonderfully bleak and beautifully written debut.”
  – Brian Evenson

“A brilliantly disturbing, expertly crafted literary noir that will stick with you long after you put it down. Conner Habib has written a flawless meditation on the fruitless, but eternally human, effort to kill off the parts of ourselves we cannot love―literally and metaphorically. I love this book.”
  – Sara Gran

Hawk Mountain is deft horror, made of precise strikes into our most vulnerable psychic terrain… Finally, a horror story that knows cisheteropatriarchy is the villain!”
  – Andrea Lawlor

“Tender, horrifying, utterly transfixing.”
  – Kelly Link

“Dripping with menace from the first page, this story of childhood enemies meeting up fifteen years later is utterly enthralling. Brilliantly written with homoerotic undertones, this savage tale is uncompromising in its reflection of teen friendships and isolation, and unflinching in its examination of the delicacy of the human body. There is gold among the gore. I found it compelling, shocking, and beautiful.”
  – Liz Nugent

“Conner Habib writes with an hallucinatory precision, and a kind of merciless humanity, about the poisonous work of repression. His forebears-Poe, Highsmith, even classical tragedy-are clear, but his originality is clearer still. Hawk Mountain is a work of strange, glittering darkness.”
  – Mark O’Connell

“A deeply disturbing yet, somehow, soaring novel I won’t soon forget. It plumbs the depths of traumatized characters trapped within our damaging culture. I couldn’t look away, even when I was looking from between my fingers.”
   – Paul Tremblay

I can’t wait to share my first novel with you, friends. Please do get your copy preordered today!

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