Horror, hometown nazis, & Hawk Mountain.

27 Aug

In addition to my upcoming September UK tour, I wanted to give you some info and links to AEWCH/Hawk Mountain stuff.

First, a wide-ranging discussion about horror I had on the This Is Horror podcast, which was really great. The guys have a patreon which deserves more supporters; they’re really bringing voices in horror forward!

A very short article I wrote about growing up in racist, claustrophobic small-town  Pennsylvania and how that influenced Hawk Mountain in the Journal.ie – here’s an excerpt:

“In my town, there was nowhere to go and nothing to do. We were land-locked, far from any cities except the post-industrial landscapes of shattered factory windows and fenced-off parking lots that made up Allentown and Bethlehem.
There were diners open all night and those were saving graces. Kids met and sat in booths, drinking coffee and eating breakfast food, talking about whether or not God was real and what post-punk bands from DC we liked.
We would joke about gruesome things. A favourite prank was concealing a packet of coffee creamer with your hand and rubbing your eye vigorously until the packet burst, the false white of your eye spilling across your fingers.
We skipped school and gathered under the bleachers at the football game and got drunk and high at parties. Some kids started shooting up and selling heroin, and in our final year, it seemed like all the golden favoured kids, good-looking bullies who got good grades and played sports, started doing coke.
I was lonely and didn’t want to do coke, so I set up punk rock shows and started a record label. There are probably easier ways to not be lonely, but I didn’t know them. The shows were loud, crowded, sweaty. They were dotted with Nazis, who showed up everywhere, and you’d be too afraid to kick them out. They were our classmates, after all. They’d pass you in the hall the next day.”

A feature on me in Gay Community News (GCN) here in Ireland – you know, one of those free gay magazines? But this one is really good. That’s me holding, um, me, in GCN in the pic up there.

A great review of Hawk Mountain in Books Ireland (“Conner Habib has written a debut novel which has the style, elevated prose and assurance of a much more experienced novelist.”)

As for AEWCH, I just wanted to give you a heads up about the three great episodes coming up… queer podcasters, an Italian philosopher/theologian, and an esoteric healer… all leading up to a massively special episode on AEWCH 200.

Can’t wait.


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