NEW STORY: “TELL SOMEONE” in the STINGING FLY (plus a little good HAWK MOUNTAIN news)

16 Nov

Hey there friends,
Just a heads up that my story, “Tell Someone”, is in the latest issue of the Stinging Fly, which you can order here.

“Tell Someone” is the story of two brothers – Luke and Adam – and a terrible family secret which haunts every corner of their lives. It’s a very very dark story. Darker than Hawk Mountain, even. If that’s possible.

Speaking of Hawk Mountain, the audio book was just named one of Audible’s Best Mysteries and Thrillers of 2022! If you haven’t yet read it or listened to it, you can buy it here (and if you sign up for Audible, you get a free download). I narrate it, so you can enjoy my sweet soothing voice in your ears, telling you a story that massively messes up your mind. Enjoy!

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