White magic after Ragnarok. Are Thoresen returns to AEWCH!

29 Nov

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You might have noticed that lately I’ve been wary of magic, but of course, spiritual development and practice are essential in the new territory we find ourselves in. So what paths of development? What practices?

I’ve asked writer, occultist, veterinarian, and acupuncturist Are Thorsen back on the show to discuss all of this.

Are was last on the show back on AEWCH 116 for what was the most directly occult and spiritual episode of the show. We shared some of the intense spiritual experiences we’ve had, and it was a vulnerable but very helpful episode for me (and one of the most popular show for listeners).

This episode has just as much spiritual adventure: Do gnomes actually wear hats? Why do some people spiritually develop through sudden revelation and others through practice? What evil beings begin to proliferate in 2019? What do the stories of the Elves and the Shoemaker and the Little Mermaid tell us about spiritual realities?

Are’s two most recent books in English are Travels on the Northern Path of Initiation: Vidar and Baldur, the Three Elemental Realms and the Inner and Outer Etheric Worlds and Encounters with Vidar: Communications from the Outer Etheric Realm: From Clairvoyance to Clairaudience , two books that draw on Norse mythology and find where it meets with the Christian mysteries of today.


May as well go to some (sort of) source material – The Poetic Edda translated by Carolyne Larrington in this lovely-looking edition. You can also read

To get a little perspective on some of these spiritual beings and what we’re talking about when we talk about the archangel Michael, listen to AEWCH 126, which is where I explore Michael from many different directions.

Here’s another interview with Are, in which he goes into the foundational ideas a bit more. And Are’s spiritual autobiography is in the book Transforming Demons: The True Story of How a Seeker Resolves His Karma: From Ancient Atlantis to the Present-Day. And of course, you can always listen to us in our first conversation.

Until next time, friends,

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