Is occult/esoteric christianity just another religion? Can it inform religion? I talk with Rev. Patrick Kennedy on AEWCH 221!

10 May

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Here is a ep 2 in a series of on occult & esoteric christianity, an evolving tradition that offers vitalizing insight into how to move forward. 

Across these episodes, I’ll be talking about various streams and fruits of occult & esoteric christianity, as well as some of its key figures. Rather than presenting the typically dogmatic, dominating, and totalizing christianity — which is always in danger of being seized by people, especially conservatives, with power — this series will present a different and truer form. Open, wounded, individuated, and powerless; a tradition that relates to other spiritual paths without seeking to control or diminish them.

The first in the series, AEWCH 220, featured Rev. Jonah Evans.

With the episode, I’ll continue on with questions for the Christian Community, one of the only religious streams of esoteric christianity, with Jonah’s close colleague and co-host of The Light In Every Thing podcast, Rev. Patrick Kennedy

Patrick was last on the show on AEWCH 181, and is a reverend in The Christian Community, the gathering of Christians in service and ritual informed by Rudolf Steiner.

To get an idea of the foundations of the Christian Community, you can read First Steps in Christian Religious Renewal: Preparing the Ground for the Christian Community by Rudolf Steiner. Like all of Steiner’s lectures, it can be a bit difficult for a beginner, but if you encounter it with openness, understanding can come later.

Though it’s a bit of a sideways connection here, AEWCH 198 with philosopher of religions and culture, Federico Campagna, has quite a bit about looking at reality carefully and allowing the rest of life to come from that view.

Patrick has a patreon which offers early access to each episode of The Light in Every Thing and other benefits. And one of the best ways to understand some of what Patrick and  that is to see if there’s a service near you and then attend one. Nothing will be expected of you, no one will try to get you “in” to the group. You’ll just encounter what all encounter: the baseline of the service is always the same; the Act of Consecration of Man. And then some talking afterward.

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