Get A Writer’s Physical: Hire Me for A Writing Assessment * 20 % OFF SALE!

15 Mar


I’ve been working with writers for over a decade now, helping them complete projects, get published, get into better writing habits, and develop their voices. One of the most common questions I get as a writing coach is: “Is my writing any good?”

It’s not easy to carry that question around with you, especially when you haven’t gotten the recognition (or money!) you want for your work. To make matters worse, you might sense that there is some problem with your writing, but not know what it is. When worries about the quality of your work meet not knowing how to progress creatively, writer’s block and frustration ensue.

That’s why you need a physical for your writing. When you hire me for a Writer’s Assessment, I give a close reading to a sample of your work, ask you essential questions about your practice, reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, and give you tools to continue. You’ll gain key insights, feel enlivened, and you’ll level up your style and practice.

Sign up for a Writer’s Assessment between now and 4/1 and get 20% off!

Regular price: $300      SALE price: $240

Here’s how:

  1. Send an email to connerwrites at and put the word PHYSICALS in the subject line. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your writing in the email.
  2. I’ll tell you how to submit payment. You submit payment, and we’ll confirm an appointment time! We don’t have to meet by 4/1 for you to get the discount, of course. You just have to register by then.
  3. You send me a writing sample, I give it a close read.
  4. We meet for about 90 minutes. It’s awesome.
  5. I send you a follow-up email with key points from the meeting, some actions/readings/exercises that will help you become an even better writer.

One other cool thing: The Writer’s Assessment is also the gateway to my other coaching services. When you get one, the payment is deducted from most future services (One-on-one Intensive Writing Coaching, Writing Life: 6 Weeks from Page to Publication for Your Personal Essay or Article, 8 Weeks To Becoming A (Better) Writer8 Weeks To Becoming A (Better) Writer)!

If you want more info on the Writer’s Assessment, click here!

For more info on my other coaching services, click here!

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